Powertec P-BT Basic Trainer

The Powertec Basic Trainer can be used as standalone multi gym or as an addition to your home gym for some bodyweight training. The use of bodyweight exercises has been used by armed forces forever. So if you want to add some serious functional strength then the Powertec Basic Trainer offers several advantages over the cheap power towers that you see all too often these days.

The first and most important advantage this unit has over other models is the build quality. The Powertec Basic Trainer is a tank. It has plenty of height allowing you to get a full stretch on chin ups. The joints all have backing plates. Combined with the high tensile steel nuts and bolts the Powertec Basic Trainer has a really solid feel ? it does not sway in the breeze like cheaper versions.

Upper body workout with your own Bodyweight

The padding is heavy duty, particularly for the forearms on the vertical knee raise. The padding is three times the thickness of some units out there. It is really important that this padding is heavy duty as resting your bodyweight on them over time really takes its toll.

The Powertec Basic Trainer has multiple grip positions for chin ups. There is a flat and angled wide grip. There is a flat bar that can be swiveled over to perform chin ups with a narrow grip.

The padding for the vertical knee raise is contoured inwards. This really locks you into the correct position for this exercise and allows you to squeeze out an extra couple of reps if you normally have trouble holding yourself in this position.

You can work your chest, shoulders and triceps with the dip station and push up bars. The push up bars allows you to get a deeper stretch than traditional pushups.