ATX® Hyperextension Machine 650


The ATX® Hyperextension Machine 650 is compact and affordable. It is certified for commercial use. 45 degree hyperextensions are such a great exercise, making this a must have piece.


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Detailed Product Description

The ATX® Hyperextension Machine 650 is their latest 45 degree hyperextension. This machine has evolved over the years. In true German fashion they have made it better, more compact and even cheaper! Considering the space and price, the ATX Hyperextension Machine is perfect for all gyms.

The 45 degree hyperextension is an exercise that nearly everyone should be doing. If you are just starting your weight training journey it is an exercise that will strengthen your back. It is relatively easy to get the form right too.

For experienced trainers who are lifting heavy weights it is also invaluable. You can work your posterior chain with minimal stress on your back. A Hyperextension Machine is perfect for warming up and warming down.

  1. Anti-slip footrest with an extended lip – you won’t tip over even under the heaviest loads!
  2. Adjustable support pad – a simple pull and twist knob alongside numbered hole positions.
  3. Welded support handles for easy mounting and dismounting.
  4. The thick split pad design provides superb comfort – especially for well endowed individuals.

Strengthen your core and posterior chain muscles

Training your abs using only the floor is easy. However it’s a bit more difficult to think of exercises when you also want to strengthen your lower back. This is the exact purpose of the 45 degree hyperextension – it’s a great accessory exercise for your abs, lower back, glutes and even hamstrings!

If you want additional variation and a complete core workout, you can always turn your body sideways and work one of the most ignored muscle groups – your obliques.

Hyperextension Machine with Resistance

This 45 degree Hyperextension comes with built-in resistance band pegs, all you have to do is attach a resistance band and you are good to go!

If you don’t have any resistance bands laying around, this station has plenty of clearance so you can always grab a pair of dumbbells or an empty barbell to increase the resistance without worrying about any interference.

Exceptionally stable construction

You need more than just high quality steel to produce a high quality machine like this. You also need a German Engineer to put it together.

Two reinforcement brackets and six high-tensile bolts lock in the main support beam, eliminating any flex. Combined with the flared out front legs for added stability, it’s no surprise this Hyperextension Machine managed to obtain a 250kg safe working load rating.

Lightweight & Compact

The ATX® Hyperextension has another nifty little feature which shouldn’t be overlooked. The wheels under the footrest make it super easy to manoeuvre. Just use the resistance band pegs to lift it up and whisk it away.

Weighing in at around 31kg and taking up less than one square metre of space; it’s perfect for any environment.

Customer Gyms

home studio
commercial gym
commercial gym
commercial gym
commercial gym
commercial gym
commercial gym
home studio

What’s Included? ATX® Hyperextension 650 (ATX-HPX-650)

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit.

Product Specifications

Weight 35 kg


Weight Load Capacity







EN 20957 I.II.IV – S


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