ATX® Hyperextension Machine 650


The ATX-HPX-650 is the best hyperextension we have sold to date. It is extremely solid and compact. Best of all it is the cheapest thanks to clever German engineering.


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Commercial Quality & Features

A Detailed Look - ATX® Hyperextension Machine 650

ATX® Hyperextension Machine 650 Key Features

  • Anti-slip footrest with an extended lip

    Anti-Slip – the footplate features a powder coated corrugated surface which provides excellent grip.

    Extended lip – located at the top of the footplate stops you from tipping over during weighted hyper extensions. Simply place your heel right against the lip and you will be locked in place.

    Angled Footplate – provides optimal comfort while still allowing you to get the full stretch on your hammies and glutes.

  • Adjustable support pad

    Adjustment positions – 9 adjustment positions with height ranging from 76 cm to 100 cm.

    Twist/Pull knob – allows you to both change the height of the pads in seconds and to get rid of any movement. Simply tight tightening the knob.

    Laser Engraved hole markings – for easier identification, perfect when training in groups.

    Nylon Sleeves – ensure that the support pad slides smoothly.

  • Split Pad Design

    Thick where it matters – the thick foam allows you to train comfortably without having to worry about any pinching.

    Splid pad design – provides superb comfort – especially for well endowed individuals.

    Curved edges – do not create any pinching points making the exercise that extra bit more comfortable.



  • Weight Load Capacity

    This compact hyperextension boasts a 250 kgs safe working load. Which is backed up by European Commercial Studio Certificate.

    You need more than just high quality steel to produce a high quality machine like this. You also need a German Engineer to put it together.

    Two reinforcement brackets and six high-tensile bolts lock in the main support beam, eliminating any flex. Combined with the flared out front legs for added stability, it’s no surprise this Hyperextension Machine managed to obtain a 250kg safe working load rating.

  • Hyperextension Machine with Resistance

    This 45 degree Hyperextension comes with built-in resistance band pegs, all you have to do is attach a resistance band and you are good to go!

    If you don’t have any resistance bands laying around, this station has plenty of clearance so you can always grab a pair of dumbbells or an empty barbell to increase the resistance without worrying about any interference.

  • Core and Posterior Chain

    Training your abs using only the floor is easy. However it’s a bit more difficult to think of exercises when you also want to strengthen your lower back. This is the exact purpose of the 45 degree hyperextension – it’s a great accessory exercise for your abs, lower back, glutes and even hamstrings!

    If you want additional variation and a complete core workout, you can always turn your body sideways and work one of the most ignored muscle groups – your obliques.

Why Should You Choose the ATX® Hyperextension Machine 650?

The ATX® Hyperextension Machine 650 is their latest 45 degree hyperextension. This machine has evolved over the years. In true German fashion they have made it better, more compact and even cheaper! Considering the space and price, the ATX Hyperextension Machine is perfect for all gyms.

The 45 degree hyperextension is an exercise that nearly everyone should be doing. If you are just starting your weight training journey it is an exercise that will strengthen your back. It is relatively easy to get the form right too.

For experienced trainers who are lifting heavy weights it is also invaluable. You can work your posterior chain with minimal stress on your back. A Hyperextension Machine is perfect for warming up and warming down.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What muscles do hyperextensions work?

    What muscles do hyperextensions work?

    Depending on how you perform the exercise, hyperextensions can work the lower back, glutes and hamstrings.

  • How often can you do hyperextensions?

    How often can you do hyperextensions?

    You can do bodyweight hyperextensions every time you train once you become proficient at the is exercise. When you are starting out, it is best to give your body some time to recover.

    If you are adding resistance, you will need to space your hyperextensions apart. The more intensely you perform this exercise the longer you will need to recover.

  • How effective are hyperextensions?

    How effective are hyperextensions?

    Hyperextensions are one of the best ways to strengthen the posterior chain for people of all experience levels. Hyperextensions are one of the safest ways to work the lower back, glutes and hamstrings. As you progress you can add resistance via weight (weight plate, dumbbell or barbell) or resistance band.

Customer Gyms

Sam’s ATX-HPX-650 Hyperextension Review

This is the best AND cheapest hyperextension that I have ever sold.  

Normally when it comes to gym equipment it is a case of bigger is better. However, the evolution of the ATX Hyperextension has resulted in the most compact version yet. If you have been watching my videos on gym equipment you will know that I am not big on the fancy stuff – I didn’t use it myself in most of my years training and really want people to know that it is not essential.  

That is why I love this little thing so much. It does everything it is meant to. It is solid as a rock and has been the cheapest hyperextension we have sold – despite the all the recent inflation. Even though it is the cheapest, it is also the best build quality.  

All this was done by clever German design. 

Starting off with the pads. Some people may say they are too firm. If you are recovering from a leg workout you may be reminded that you did a heavy squat session the day before. It may be a little more comfortable on a softer pad, but honestly if that is going to hold you back serious training is not for you.  

If you think that hurts, try rolling your glutes or hammys with a baseball ball or similar. You will find that the pain is well worth it.  

The reason why the firm pads are a good thing is that they will last a lot longer. Hyperextension pads can wear fast. Most of your weight is on the top of the pad. If this is nice and soft, the pad will condense under load. Then it will expand and reform. It feels better but the pad can’t do that process for ever. The upholstery will eventually stretch & split, or the foam will deteriorate. 

I don’t know how long we have had this hyper, but it would be well over a year. My guess is at least 2 years. It gets used a lot and the pads are as good as new. Trust me, unless you like changing over pads, ATX have got the balance right on this one. 

Just like the footplate, the pads sit on a laser cut mounting plate. This is an example of how ATX can deliver a better product cheaper. With new manufacturing technology both the plates are simpler and stronger. And they look better too. 

Moving down, the pad has 9 height positions. The height is adjusted by way of a commercial pull pin. This is a great exercise for kids. So, when I am training with kids it is dead easy to adjust for different heights. The positions are numbered using laser etching.  

The adjustment tube slides within the custom ATX sleeves. Another great innovation. Previous designs had nylon sleeves that slipped over the ends, and were anchored in place with a small raised cylinder. If that anchor point got knocked off, the sleeve would pop out when you adjusted. With this system the sleeves themselves and the anchor points are significantly bigger. Plus the material is much more stronger. Once the slide tube is pushed in, the sleeves are stuck in position. Everything about this system – smoothness, durability and appearance is better.  

At the base of the adjustment tube there is a bolt which prevents the pad assembly being taken out. This is a great feature if you put this into a gym.  

Even though it is small and light, this is a solid unit thanks to reinforcement brackets.  

The footplate has a raised lip which anchors you into position. Which is handy when you start applying resistance – at the front there are some band pegs.  

Leaving the best till last, there are a pair of wheels that make it dead easy to move around your gym.  

Hyperextensions were once regarded primarily as a lower back exercise. You will notice when Lee Priest does them he is using a shorter range of motion. That is what a lot of trainers’ think is the sole hyper exercise. 

When it comes to an athletic and aesthetic booty, the Glute Guru has got it all. Give him a follow and he will show you how to use your Hyperextension to build the bum of your dreams. Seriously though, once you try these variations and feel tension on the glutes and hammys, your opinion of the humble hyperextension will change. 

I guess that leads us nicely into the wrap on this machine.  

  • It doesn’t take up a lot of space. Plus, you can move it around 
  • It is extremely well built.  
  • It offers some great exercises for key muscle groups.  
  • Another one I will throw in is that is great for stretching your lower back. If I have spent a lot of time on the computer I will go out and bang out a few reps.  
  • Best of all it is relatively inexpensive. 

It pretty much ticks all the boxes when evaluating gym equipment. Yes, you can live without it. But if you wanted to add an affordable piece of gym equipment then this would rank highly among your options.  

Product Specifications

Weight 35 kg


Weight Load Capacity







EN 20957 I.II.IV – S


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