ATX® Wall Mounted Knee Raise & Dip


Space-saving design, perform your favourite exercises with maximum comfort. Build a stronger core while saving space with the ATX® Wall Mounted Foldable Dip Knee Raise! Designed for commercial use with thick grip dip bars rated for 200kgs.


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Vertical leg raises are one of the best core exercises out there. Combine it with some posterior chain exercises and you will have the core you need to squat and deadlift heavy. Not only does a strong core look good. More importantly it will also prevent injuries and even be more stable in everyday movements.

Let’s not forget dips. They are the perfect exercise for your chest, triceps and shoulders. The foldable space-saving design allows you to mount them to any corner of your gym. Best of all it does not take up much space at all.

Wall Mounted Knee Raise and Dip Features

  1. Certified for commercial use according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S.
  2. Stable and robust frame is a guarantee with the base weight of the unit being shy of 40 kgs.
  3. Set the station up in just a seconds thanks to the 20 mm thick steel pins. The arms can also be secured in the lowered position.
  4. The Medium firm backrest pad has been curved to allow the user to work through the whole range of motion by offering the maximum pre-stretch and contraction of your abdominal muscles.
  5. The arm cushions have been angled back and bevelled on the inside. This ensures a perfect stabilization and stability of the upper body allowing you to focus on training your core.
  6. Just because it is a folding/wall mounted design does not mean it cannot handle some serious weight! The safe working load of this unit is 200kgs!
  7. The dip bars feature fat grips (∅50 mm) and have been angled to reduce the strain on your wrists and shoulders. Max Grip Width approx. 62cm.
  8. The ATX® Wall Mounted Foldable Dip Knee Raise is a life save for the space conscious trainers as the whole unit sticks out only 29 cm when folded.

The Footprint: Width – 72cm, Height 59 cm (unfolded) 121cm (folded), Depth 89 cm (unfolded), 29 cm (folded).

What’s Included? ATX® Wall Mounted Foldable Dip Knee Raise (ATX-DBA-750)

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit. They are used to show the possible configurations/use of the unit. The bolts required for mounting are not included. The type of bolts you will need will depend on the surface you are planning on mounting the unit on.

Product Specifications

Weight 39 kg



72cm x 89/29 cm x 59/121 cm


EN 20957 I.II.IV – S

Weight Capacity



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