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wb-ms16-powertec multi system

This ultra compact Workbench Multi System – Iso Lateral Arms from Powertec offers excellent safety and perfomance to beginners and serious bodybuilders alike. The Powertec Workbench Multi System has been the market leader in multi station gyms for nearly 20 years now. The revolutionary design brought the feel and quality of commercial leverage machines into a more compact footprint.

There are some great additional Powertec multi system back exercises that can be performed on this great machine. The lat pulldown and leverage row shown in the previous video are great for basic and intermediate training. Brad goes through these additional multi system back exercises that will allow you to add variety as you progress […]

The Powertec Shoulder Press was a stand alone machine. Sadly it was discontinued. But don’t despair! You can do this on another machine. This is a great video where Brad goes through Shoulder Pressing on the Powertec Multi System. It goes through lifting techniques that also apply to the chest pressing on this machine (incline […]

The Leverage Lat Pulldown on the Powertec Multi System is one of the best movements for isolating the lats. Here are some advanced techniques that will progress your lat development.

Here is another great back exercise for the Powertec Multi System. If your back is still recovering from a heavy squatting session, this a great way to hit the back muscles when your lower back is still a bit tender.

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