Additional Powertec Multi System Back Exercises

There are some great additional Powertec multi system back exercises that can be performed on this great machine. The lat pulldown and leverage row shown in the previous video are great for basic and intermediate training.

Brad goes through these additional multi system back exercises that will allow you to add variety as you progress to advanced training.

Additional Multi System Back Exercises

These extra back exercises make the Powertec Multi System a great machine to build your dream back. People get drawn to the leverage chest press which is great. But it is not until you dive into these additional exercises that you realise this machine’s true potential.

wb-ms Powertec multi system back exercise

In my humble opinion the rows on the pressing station are every bit as impressive as a quality t-bar row machine. When this back exercise is performed correctly it hits the target muscle like a dream.

Back Exercises Are Important for Everyone

Building a strong back is critical if you want to get serious about your weight training. A strong back is also handy for day to day living – it is not until you injure your back that you find out how important it is.

In my previous life I was a pen pilot and there is nothing like an office job to eat away at your strength and fitness. That is one of the reasons I got into weight training. I used to love doing back exercises and it certainly paid dividends when I started the business.

Selling gym equipment involves a lot of heavy lifting. Without the years of back training I would have really struggled. So as you progress through your weight training supplement these multi system back exercises into your workout. Personally I can guarantee you will reap the benefits of having a strong and healthy back.