Powertec Shoulder Press on the Multi System

The Powertec Shoulder Press was a stand alone machine. Sadly it was discontinued. But don’t despair! You can do this on another machine. This is a great video where Brad goes through Shoulder Pressing on the Powertec Multi System. It goes through lifting techniques that also apply to the chest pressing on this machine (incline press, flat bench press & decline press).

L-SP powertec leverage shoulder press
The old Powertec Shoulder Press. What a great value machine. I miss it!

This video is also applicable for the Powertec Leverage Gym and the Powertec Leverage Multi Press. What sets the Powertec Multi System apart from many other multi gyms is that it is great for weight trainers of all experience levels.

Suitable for All Trainers

For beginners you can perform your pressing movements in the correct position and with complete safety. Advanced trainers can vary their lifting techniques and rep ranges to add variety to their weight training. This will allow them to continue to gain or maintain strength and or muscle mass.

The shoulder press movement on the Powertec Multi System is as good as any high end piece of commercial gym equipment. I have got bung shoulders and I find a lot of shoulder presses put a lot of strain on my shoulders.

Perfect Shoulder Press Position

On the Powertec Multi System your hand position is forward of shoulders and really takes a lot of strain off the joint so you can concentrate on driving the weight up. You are in the perfect position to isolate the shoulders so you do not need a lot of weight to work the shoulders – once again taking strain off the joint. I love showing customers how to perform this exercise correctly in the shop because they are surprised at how little weight is required to perform this exercise effectively. You can lift a lot of weight on this exercise but you will be using a lot of arm and traps to do so. There is nothing quite like the burn you get across the front delt when you have really nailed this exercise properly.