WB-MS Powertec Multi System – Iso Lateral Arms

The Powertec Workbench Multi System was the original leverage multi station gym combining several commercial machines into one unit. At the time, it completely changed the multi gym landscape. Hardcore weight trainers had access to gym quality machines at a fraction of the price of purchasing the individual machines separately.

Tens of thousands of these gyms have been sold worldwide for many, many years. There is a real community of users that have a passion for their machines. The exchange of ideas has lead to so many different exercises and variations being created by trainers playing around with their gyms – the best part of having a home gym!

Among those weight trainers is none other than Mr Universe, Lee Priest! 

A Multi Gym for Everyone

Although this machine is loved by the serious bodybuilders, don’t think for a second that it is not for beginners. As a matter of fact it is ideal. Compound exercises like bench press, squats, rows and lat pulldowns are exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups. These exercises are the best way to build muscle and strength.

The Multi System will allow you to perform these exercises with complete safety. Both the bench press and squat stations have built safety mechanisms that will stop you being trapped under a heavy weight. So you can push yourself to the limit while training alone.

Leverage exercises also allow you to perform the exercises with the strictest form. You don’t have to stabilise the barbell and can focus on isolating the target muscle. Plus the arc of the lever arm replicates the movement of the barbell or dumbbell, so it is very similar to the free weight exercise. So you get the best of both worlds!

Multi Station Features

  1. Heavy Duty – Bench Press and Squat up to 500lbs!
  2. Tested and certified for commercial use in Europe to EN957.
  3. Lifetime Structural Warranty on the frame.
  4. Iso-lateral bench press arms made from 3mm thick steel.
  5. Built in safety mechanism on both bench press and squats. 
  6. Virtually maintenance free, no pulleys or cables.
  7. Commercial grips and upholstery
  8. Oversized footplate for squat variations. Plus includes a calf block for the best standing calf raises.
  9. Industrial bearings on leverage arms. Smooth and consistent resistance even under the heaviest loads. 
  10. Bench can be adjusted from decline, flat, incline and upright in seconds with the new seat carriage. It shifts back and forth on bearing driven rollers. 

Additional Information

Includes close grip bench press attachment, which is also great for upright rows, overhead tricep press etc. Small flat tricep bar is included as well. Takes any Olympic weight plate (50mm diameter hole). If you have standard weight plates you can purchase standard weight horns. Weight plates are sold separately. 

Expand your gym with the optional Powertec Workbench Accessory range which is sold separately.