Powertec P-CLS Compact Leg Sled

The Powertec Compact Leg Sled is a great alternative to the 45degree Leg Press. A good quality 45 degree Leg Press is not only very costly they also have a large footprint. Often the space and budget required for such a machine is not warranted for a machine that does one exercise.

Here is a video of Lee Priest training on the leg sled. He actually prefers the Powertec Sled to a lot of leg presses because it takes the strain off his knees.

The Powertec Leg Sled lets you perform the same pressing movement but at a fraction of the cost and space. This machine is also great for performing lunges which really engage the glutes. Powertec have also added a removable calf block allowing you to perform calf raises making this a great all round leg machine.

The adjustable footplate and back rest enable you to set the Powertec Leg Sled up specifically for your body shape. The sled rides on reinforced nylon bearing driven wheels which gives it a smooth and silent operation.

We have some great training videos that show why the sled is a great alternative to a leg press. Here is an example