WB-LS Powertec LeverGym

The Powertec LeverGym – with Iso Lateral Arms proves even the best gym equipment for over 20 years can still get better. The Powertec Workbench LeverGym has proven to be the most heavy duty and functional compact home gym system for over 20 years. The list of exercises is limited only to your imagination, plus they handle heavy weight with ease. For beginners & advanced trainers.

Powertec LeverGym

The Powertec Workbench LeverGym always has had the reputation of being the best pound for pound multi gym on the market. Our youtube videos just show you a fraction of what you can do with this unique piece of gym equipmentWell Powertec now offer the LeverGym with iso lateral arms, opening up even more exercises for you in your home gym. Here is Mr Universe Lee Priest demonstrating: