Powertec WB-LLA Leg Lift Attachment

The Powertec Leg Lift Attachment will enable you to do leg extensions and lying leg curls on the following machines in the Powertec range – Bench Press, Utility Bench, Multi System, LeverGym, Multi Press and Shape System.

The Powertec Leg Lift Attachment allows you to add great variety to your leg training without adding significant to the footprint of your home gym. Leg Extensions are a great way to warm up your legs for some heavy squats or leg presses.

Lying Leg Curls give you another exercise for your hammys to supplement your stiff legged deadlifts.

You can also lock the lever arm on the Powertec Leg Lift Attachment allowing you to perform crunches and sit ups to work the abs.

This machine takes Olympic Weight Plates Only. Weight Plates are sold separately. Standard weight horns can be purchased separately if you already have standard or 30mm diameter hole plates.