Powertec P-LM Lat Machine

The Powertec Lat Machine was re-designed in 2013 to incorporate a greater range of motion for taller users. This was already a great machine, silky smooth and heavy-duty. But the new design makes it even better by adding more range for taller users without adding any extra to the height.

Combined with how versatile a quality lat machine is, this is a valuable addition to any gym or studio.

Heavy Duty and Certified for Commercial Use

  1. HEAVY-DUTY – Rated for up to 400lbs
  2. Tried and tested nylon bushings on weight carriage. Proven to be super smooth for years even under the heaviest of workloads.
  3. Meets European Standards for Commercial Use.
  4. Lifetime Structural Warranty.
  5. Industrial grade cables and pulleys. Commercial upholstery.
  6. Wide Lat Pulldown Bar and Small Flat Bar included free!
  7. Innovated design – Seat swivels out of the way for access to the low pulley.
  8. Uses Olympic style weight plates (50mm diameter hole). Standard weight horns available (sold separately).
  9. Optional 190lbs weight stack available (sold separately).

Tried and Tested Lat Pulldown

The original Powertec Lat Pulldown was around for years. It had a reputation for being able to handle plenty of weight but still remain super smooth. However, the only drawback was people over 6ft 1′ sometimes didn’t get the full range of motion. So Powertec withdrew it from their range and went back to the drawing board.

The end result was the best of both worlds. The new design featured the same old nylon bushing driven weight carriage that has been used across the Powertec range forever. My power rack system in our gym is a 2008 model and the lat pulldown is still as smooth as the day we set it up.

The designers were able to build in a much greater range of motion without adding to the height – the reason for the restricted range in the first place. Most gym equipment that is designed for domestic use is under 215cm in height. So the end result is a lat machine that is compact and heavy-duty, but now suitable for taller weight trainers.

The machine is equipped with adjustable pads under which you can lock your legs for heavy lat pulldowns. The seat swivels out of the way for seated rows and the footpegs give you that extra stretch so you can recruit more muscle. 

The machine is finished in a frosted matt black paint, and a nice touch is a smart-looking fascia. If you really want to spoil yourself, check out the optional 190lbs weight stack option that can be purchased separately. 

Weight Plates Sold Separately- the Powertec Lat Machine takes Olympic weights only. Standard weight horns can be purchased separately if you already have standard or 30mm diameter hole plates.