Here are some additional instructions for the Powertec Lat Tower Option for the Powertec Power Rack System. The Powertec Power Rack System is dead simple to assemble. However some people think the Lat Option is difficult due to the cable system. With these additional instructions the Powertec Lat Tower Option is dead easy to assemble. […]

Now that I have reached the ripe old age of 33 and recently left behind my childhood years I am keen to have a serious go at bodybuilding training. I have trained with weights for ages, but never really had a go at building muscle mass. My weight training was mainly just targeted at keeping […]

If you are trying to build your physique one of the most important aspects is a strong and powerful chest. The good news is that building chest muscles is an easier task than most people make it out to be. If you follow these simple guidelines, eat the right foods and get plenty of rest, […]

If you love your weight training and want to take it to the next level and build some serious muscle, it is wise to get some expert advice on bodybuilding diet. So I just thought I would share my experience with Brad Turnbull. It is no use having the world’s best home gym in your […]

Squat rows – have you tried them? Have you even heard of them? The Powertec Leverage Gym is a great all round gym. You can hit legs with the included squat bar. However if you have a back injury that prevents you from squatting, the cable machine squat row is an exercise that you should […]

We had the privilege of having Toney Freeman signing autographs near our stand at the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix in Melbourne. The poor bloke was knackered from competing but was more than happy to sign autographs for hours. A lot of athletes could learn some valuable lessons in humility from bodybuilders – in a […]

What the hell is happening to petrol prices? How high are they going to go? Is the world going to end? So is time to buy home gym equipment? I don’t think it’s time to get out the leathers and turn the Toyota Camry into a Mad Max machine. But you do need to start […]

There is no getting around it – Lee Priest is a freak, with arms that are routinely voted the best in bodybuilding. In his DVD, Lee says that he has aimed for the freakish physique. He can cross that off the list because he is most definitely a unit. Lee Priest and his Freakish Muscles Whenever […]

The Powertec LeverGym was always the perfect foundation for any home gym. In this video Brad demonstrates some handy exercises that simulate dumbbell movements and can be performed on your Powertec LeverGym. My recommendation to someone starting their home gym journey has always been to take it slowly. Don’t go out and buy every piece […]

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