Powertec Multi System Workout by Craig

Thanks to Craig for sending through his Powertec Multi System Workout. What I like about it is that it is pretty easy to follow. Now it doesn’t matter how good your home gym set up is, nothing is going to happen unless you get stuck into your training and healthy eating like Craig has…..

Craig’s Multi System Workout

Hi Sam and Matt,

Just had an awesome workout full body as on chart provided(missed Monday this week so doing alternate as a change this week only) and while in the midst of a massive tuna sandwich thought I would again say thanks for your help.

The multi-gym is great it really is doing all it is promoted to provide, and I hope that my wife and I can gain some really good muscle mass over the next 12 months or so. I am focusing on developing a chest and getting rid of a keg belly with my wife on an all over lighter weight program.

We have progressed onto a three day workout all 3 sets 10 reps approx. which goes something like this –

Monday Day 1

Chest ( bench press, flat and incline). Shoulder (seated press and upright rows). Biceps, (preacher curls and dumbbells) and Triceps, (pull downs and dips).

Wednesday Day 2

Legs (squats, leg raises) Stomach sit ups, abs crunches, and leg raises and back with back extension on table.

Friday Day 3

Upper back rows. seated cable pull, seated dumbbell press Shoulders Lat pull downs wide grip and lateral raises

So I hope things are good in Sydney and you guys are keeping busy. Please let us know if you make it to the West. Anyway as I said thanks for you help and I will keep in contact.

Cheers Craig.

This is an ideal Powertec Multi System workout for someone who is new to weight training. Craig and his wife have just started out and as you can tell they have really embraced the healthy lifestyle. The Powertec Multi System is perfect for this scenario as the machine gets you in the right position for each exercise.

wb-ms16-b powertec multi system in black