Testimonial – Steve’s Powertec Leverage Gym

We have been selling gym equipment in Australia now for 6 years and the Powertec Leverage Gym reviews just keep on coming . One of the reasons why it has been so popular is that the word is spreading amongst the weight training community.

Another Powertec Leverage Gym Fan

Steve heard about the Powertec Leverage Gym through some mates, so he knew it was fair dinkum. Have a read about what he thinks about it after some time training on it. 

HI Sam my names Steve. I just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with my Powertec Leverage Gym that I recently purchased from you guys. I’d heard they were a good machine through a few mates. You just don’t realise just how good they are until you put it together and use it.

This machine is made of quality, and the easy smooth operation in which it works is awesome. The amount of exercises that can be performed on this machine is unbelievable. I did a little shopping around before buying the leverage gym and I could not find a serious quality piece of equipment like this anywhere for the same money.

To anyone looking at buying a home gym set up I’d recommend checking out Powertec at Sam’s Fitness before you buy. I dont think you will be disappointed. Thanks again for this awesome machine and I look forward to doing business with you again soon. Cheers Steve

Powertec LeverGym Black

Get To Know Your Gym

If you ring up, or come in to try out the Powertec Leverage Gym, I always go through the basic exercises. To start out with, that is all you need to know. By nailing these down first, you will not only get a great workout, but you will also get a great workout.

You are all pretty familiar with them from the comprehensive range of Leverage Gym Videos we have on the site. There are so many exercises that you can do. It is tempting to try them all, without mastering the basics.

Slowly build your workouts around the basics. Add in one or two new variations every time you change your weight training program.