Powertec Multi Gym in Newcastle Review

Steve was looking for a multi gym in Newcastle and wasn’t having much luck. So he jumped online and saw the Powertec range. Naturally he was intrigued.

Our Equipment Sells Itself

I am not much of a salesman. If you come into Sam’s Fitness or speak to on the phone and ask for a price on a home gym I will give you a quote. If you are uncertain we will not pressure you. We actually encourage you to look elsewhere if you are not certain. See what other fitness equipment retailers have on offer and compare our products, price and service.

I think this testimonial demonstrates why….

Steve for Newcastle’s Multi Gym Review

“To Sam and the gang at Sam’s Fitness

I have recently purchased a Powertec Workbench multi gym and weight package from you and I thought I would let you know how happy I am with it. Having done my homework before I purchased from you, I have to say the quality of the powertec equipment if far superior to the other similar/copied products out there. I find the Powertec incredibly solid and easy to train with. Your price, product and service (both before and after purchase) have to be commended. I cannot highly recommend you or your company enough and wish you continued success.

Regards Steve Quinlan….Newcastle”

You Get What You Pay For

The problem with selling quality branded gym equipment like Powertec and Ironmaster is that it is (sometimes) more expensive than cheap house brand equipment. So a good quality home gym set up from Sam’s Fitness is not going to be cheap.

However once you shop around and check out the competition I am sure that you will see that even thought what we sell is not cheap it is certainly great value for money. The beauty of quality weight training equipment is that you will get years of great use out of it and it does’t get outdated like electronics, fancy clothes etc.

wb-ms powertec multi system incline press