Powertec Leg Extension on the Powertec Multi System

Initially I was not a huge fan of the Powertec leg extension to be honest. It was nothing against the actual machine. My problem was with the exercise. After doing my Google diagnosis my belief was that they were probably causing knee pain that I was experiencing while squatting. However now I never do a leg workout without doing some leg extensions.

Young and Stupid

Yes the knee pain was caused by leg extensions, but it was because I was young and stupid and using to much weight. The fact that I was lifting up out of the seat trying to heave the weight should of had the alarm bells ringing! Brad got me doing leg extensions with light weight up to 30 reps per set. Now I only ever go as low as 20 reps.

I perform the exercise nice and slowly and really concentrate on lowering the weight slowly – this is one great feature of using a leverage Powertec leg extension as opposed to the cable variety.

Powertec Leg Extension Not Just for Warm Ups

I do these before and sometimes after squats or presses on the Powertec Leg Sled. I have found they have really been good for my left knee which is pretty dodgy. If I feel that I have pushed as hard as I would have liked on squats, I will then go to the Powertec leg extension. Once again using lighter weights I perform reps until the muscle is exhausted.

This video was filmed on the Powertec Multi System. The leg extension on the Powertec Leverage Gym has the same functionality. Even better is that on the Leverage Gym you can you can perform lying leg curls with the attachment too.

Another variation you can do with the leg extensions is to perform them one leg at a time.