ATX® Warrior Bench 2.0


The ATX-MBX-750-II is not merely an advancement in bench design; it is a testament to the fusion of advanced engineering and functional design, a pivotal tool for the discerning athlete focused on precision, stability, and versatility in their strength training regime


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The New Generation of ATX® Benches are making its way to Australia! The ATX-MBX-750-II will be the third generation of the ATX Warrior Flat/Incline Bench. It has been a few years since ATX® have refreshed their adjustable bench range.
To put it into perspective, the original warrior has been released under the Barbarian Line Brand all the way back in 2012. Then in 2017 the Barbarian Line Warrior Bench received a substantial update, which made it one of the most popular benches here in Australia.

In 2020 IFS, the manufacturer of Megatec, Barbarian Line and ATX® consolidated all the three brands into ATX®.

Then finally in 2024, now under the ATX® banner, Warrior Bench 2.0 or Mark 3 has been released.

The ATX® Warrior Bench has been a fan favourite ever since it has been released. It featured a pin-free sabertooth locking system which allowed the user to change the angle of the seat and the bench in a second. An ironclad construction which boasted 500 kgs safe working load. Anti-Slip rubber feet and a set of wheels with a grip at the front, making it easy to move this rather cumbersome bench.

After almost 7 years on the market, it was certainly due for a refresh. But this time the upgrades are far more extreme as it seems like the German Engineers tried to show off their state-of-the-art machinery with vastly improved features.

ATX-MBX-750-II: The Zenith of Precision and Strength

The Mark 2’s pioneering features were just the beginning. The Mark 3 escalates the functionality with advanced technical upgrades.


Mark 1 – 2012


Mark 2 – 2017


Mark 3 – 2023

Key Differences between Mark 2 and Mark 3

  1. Laser-Cut Precision: The seat and backrest pad now boast degree markings precision-cut by laser, granting users the ability to fine-tune their positioning with scientific accuracy, ensuring ergonomically optimized angles for a full spectrum of exercises.
  2. Reinforced Seat Support: Enhanced with a dual bracket system engineered from high-tensile steel, the seat’s foundation is designed to withstand and distribute weight more effectively, offering unparalleled stability even under extreme loads.
  3. Thicker Steel Sabertooth Locking: The already robust sabertooth locking mechanism has been further thickened, providing a more secure and durable latch for the backrest, capable of withstanding repetitive adjustments and heavy use without compromise.
  4. Nylon-Sleeved Bolts: These specialized bolts are encased in a high-grade nylon sleeve, designed to absorb noise and vibration, ensuring a quiet workout environment and reducing metal-on-metal wear, which preserves the integrity and appearance of the bench.
  5. Enhanced Adjustment Range: The backrest pad’s positions have been expanded to 14 possible angles, ranging from 0 to 85 degrees, while the seat offers 5 distinct angles. This range accommodates a diverse array of exercises, from flat to incline presses and beyond.
  6. Upright Storage Design: The bench’s design includes the capability to be stored vertically, minimizing its footprint, an essential feature for space-conscious gyms and home workout areas.
  7. Optimized Dimensions: With a more compact length, the bench has been redesigned to fit into tighter spaces without sacrificing comfort or functionality.
  8. Provision for Attachments: The bench is now ready to be customized with ATX®’s innovative attachments, transforming it into a multi-functional workout station

Uncompromising Build Quality

  1. Hefty Base Weight: The bench’s solid 48kg foundation ensures it remains planted during the most intense workouts.
  2. Exceptional Load Capacity: With a safe working load of 500kg, the bench can support heavy lifts with confidence.
  3. Ergonomic Padding: The padding is a generous 60mm thick, providing supportive cushioning that contours to the user.
  4. Adjustability Precision: Each of the 14 backrest and 5 seat positions has been meticulously calibrated for an ergonomic fit, promoting correct posture and reducing injury risk.
nylon sleeves and rubber stopper

High-End Workmanship

optional attachments

Optional Attachment Provision

textured pad

Grippy Texture

adjustment positions

Adjustment Positions

laser cut markings

Laser-Cut Degree Markings

laser cutout parts

Laser Cut-outs and Lasered Logo

thick steel brackets

Sabertooth Locking System

robot welding machine welds

State of the Art Weld

transport wheels

Rubber transport Wheels

high quality upholstry

Perfect Upholstery Seams

no gap

Reduced Seat Gap

Store it vertically

Vertical Storage

Optimized Seat Mechanics

  1. First seat with decline? -the seat features 5 adjustment positions: 30°, 15°, 0°, -15°, -30°.
  2. Dual Brackets – distributes the weight move evenly resulting in a more stable seat.
  3. Grips – the seat features two knurled and chromed grips for easier adjustment and no pinching hazard.
  4. Less Noise and Wear – thanks to the replaceable nylon sleeves which goes over the load bearing bolt.
  5. Degree Markings – have been laser cut into the bench for easier identification.
  6. Smaller gap – the gap between the backrest pad and the seat has been reduced to 35 mm compared to the 50 mm on the older model.

Backrest Pad Innovation

  1. Fine adjustments – the backrest pad can be adjusted 14 times.
  2. Reinforced Locking Plates – now with even thicker steel.
  3. Replaceable locking plates – thanks to the bolt on design.
  4. Same Width backrest Pad.
  5. Additional Support– the upholstery is 10 mm thicker (60mm) compared to the previous model.
  6. Knurled Adjustment Grips – change the angle of the backrest pad in a spit second!
  7. Provision for Optional Attachments.

Additional Functional Enhancements

  1. Integrated Spotter Platform: For those pushing their limits, the spotter platform offers additional safety and can also be used as a standing calf raise platform.
  2. Subtle Mobility Features: The inclusion of hidden rubber wheels and a custom grip at the front allow for easy maneuverability.
  3. Rubberized Stoppers: The top of the backrest is equipped with rubber stoppers to prevent damage when the bench is stored upright.

Customizable Options for Individual Needs

  1. Polyurethane Pad Upgrades: Users can opt for a firmer, grippier surface with upgraded pads, enhancing stability and performance.
  2. Ab Crunch and Headrest Extensions: These attachments provide additional functionality, turning the bench into a comprehensive workout station.

Product Specifications

Weight 48 kg
Bench Type



Sold Individually.

Number of Adjustments


Bench Height


Back Pad Dimensions




Weight Load Capacity






Adjustment Positions

0- 83




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