High Pulley Curls on the Powertec Leverage Gym

High pulley curls are a great alternative to preacher curls and do not require the purchase of any extra gym equipment. However you need to be careful when doing the high pulley cable curl as it can damage your gym cable.

Better Than Preacher Curl?

This video will probably do me out of a few sales of the Powertec Curl Machine Accessory but it just goes to show what a versatile piece of gym equipment the Powertec Leverage Gym is. This series of videos has shown you several top exercises to hit the biceps, but this one would have to be my favourite.It is really important that you take care when performing this exercise. Please make sure that the cable does not rub against the welded bracket that sits across the outlet of the top pulley. If you hear a scraping noise you are rubbing the cable and this will wear away the protective coating.

Plus you will also feel the extra resistance of the cable rubbing. Regardless of the exercise or machine, whenever you feel that your cable is not running smoothly stop immediately. This is a tell tale sign that a cable is rubbing or has come off a pulley.

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High Pulley Curl Mod

I strongly advise that put a piece of hose or tube across this bracket like you can see in the picture below. Still make sure you are in the correct position and that the cable is not rubbing. But this will give you protection against the occasional rep that is done with sloppy form.

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The reason this is my favourite bicep exercise on the Powertec Leverage Gym is because it is really like doing 2 exercises in one. Your arm positioning makes it feel like a preacher curl. By pulling over your head I find that I get a really good contraction like concentration curls.

This is something that you need to be aware of when doing exercises on other high pulley machines. Most lat pulldown machines have the same arrangement. So being aware of the cable path when doing any exercise is a good habit to get into.