Lee Priest Gym Equipment Review – Ironmaster IM2000

The hardcore fans know about Lee Priests Gym. From the old Battle for Olympia video days, Lee often has done a lot of training in his home gym. Over the years as he has moved it has taken many forms. Let’s take a look at look at the latest Lee Priest gym equipment.

Now you all know that I am a huge fan of the Ironmaster IM2000. This is coming from someone who previously didn’t care much for smith machines. But I was very eager to hear what Lee Priest would say about this polarising piece of gym equipment.

Lee’s Gym Review

This is what Lee’s wife had to say about the IM2000 – Here’s a short video of Lee using the new Ironmaster smith machine … he loves it. In fact, I love it. Can do so much on it and I don’t have to go to the gym as often when I feel like working out at home. Same goes for Lee … we worked out at home the whole week since we got it.

Now I wasn’t sure what Lee was going to think about the Ironmaster IM2000 having trained on high end commercial smith machines. So I was stoked to hear that he loved it. Not just because the quality and feel was up there with way more expensive gym equipment.

Most importantly I was impressed that he discovered the versatility of this machine. Professional bodybuilders have a completely different requirement than your average gym rat. They require a variety of exercises to grow and maintain their muscle mass.

We will have more videos and information on Lee Priest and his gym equipment. He has just moved to a new place so now has space to expand his gym. As a home gym veteran, he knows plenty of tricks how to get the most out of any piece of equipment.

Ironmaster Smith Machine