Tonys IM2000 Gym

Don’t get me wrong. You can’t beat walking into a double garage and seeing it chock full of quality gym equipment. But what floats my boat is seeing a home gym set up where space is limited. Sometimes we rock up to jobs and think how on earth are we going to fit the gym in – but in this case, thanks to Tony’s careful measurements the Ironmaster IM2000 fit like it was built for the spot.

Tony, like a lot of people in Sydney’s crazy property market, had space issues. Not only was he limited in floor space, but being in a terrace house he had the staircase to contend with. Not a problem!

This is where the Ironmaster IM2000 really works a treat.

You see it has the same footprint as the Powertec Power Rack, but the lifting frame sits a little further back. So it was able to fit comfortably under the staircase. So in the same footprint as a power cage, Tony was able to get the handy additional features the IM2000 offers compared to the cage – high and low pulley plus weight storage. Later on if he wants to do barbell work, he can add the free bar holders. But as you can see Tony already has a rack of dumbbells for his free weight fix, so he can easily live without.

The mirrors, which give the illusion of a much larger space, also show the treadmill in the background. So in this tiny space, Tony can hit the weights plus get in his cardio. As we all know treadmills can be as boring as a bodybuilders diet, Tony has a nice flat screen TV on the wall to pass the time.

So for me this is a truly impressive gym. It maximises the limited space to perfection. Plus by choosing a machine like the Ironmaster IM2000 with optional attachments like chin up bars, free bar holders and spotter bars – you can expand your gym later on if you choose.

If you have a gym like this and want to show it off send in some pics and I will do a feature.