Richard’s Hardcore Home Gym

Here are some pictures of Richards hardcore home gym. It is based on my Hardcore Sam’s Ultimate Gym with a few minor changes. The combination of the different training styles is why I called this my Ultimate Gym. Richard has gone hardcore with gym by going for the dumbbell set.

Richard’s Home Gym Review

Here is what Richard had to say –

“Check it out… truly no effort required to squeeze in a small car if need be….great gym guys! No doubt you’ll be hearing from me very soon with my ever growing wish list! Richard” .

Richard tweaked the gym up a bit by going the whole hog and getting the Powertec Power Rack System. He also went with a rack of fixed dumbbells instead of the Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells. He also got a stand of 1-10kg rubber hex dumbbells.

Richards Home Gym

Gets My Tick Of Approval

I can personally guarantee that this is one hell of a sweet gym. You can vary it up with free weight barbell work on the power rack or dumbbell work on the Powertec Utility Bench, If you get sick and tired of the Powertec Leverage gym and do some machine work. You also have two high and low pulleys for your cable work.

This hardcore home gym set up will also allow you to do some killer giant sets as you can move between the various stations. As you can see all this fits comfortably in a standard double garage. If you need extra space for a larger car, then definitely go with the Ironmaster dumbbells as they will save a lot of space.

Richards Home Gym

The other advantage of this home gym is that you can have multiple people training at the same time. You could potentially have four people working away comfortably. Even more if the training was done in pairs.