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Its compact size, smooth movement and tough build make this a valuable leg workout machine suited for all gym environments!


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The ATX Leg Extension Leg Curl Machine is the perfect middle ground for the personal trainer or serious home trainer. Cheap leg extensions just to cut the mustard if you are moving decent weight, regularly. Higher end units with weight stacks cost a small fortune. Plus they take up a lot of space.

  1. Adjustable foam rollers to cater for different user heights.
  2. Two angles for the leg extension backrest.
  3. Commercial upholstery.
  4. Industrial grade bearings.
  5. Innovative adjustment system – when the unit moves into the lying leg curl position, the seat pad changes angle.
  6. Isolates hamstrings to perfection!
  7. Handles for Leg Extension and Lying Leg Curls.
  8. Heavy-duty rubber feet for stability.

Quality Leg Machine

The ATX® Leg Extension Leg Curl is a great option for your gym or studio if you don’t want to outlay for a pin-loaded weight stack machine. A decent unit is going to be worth at least double the price of this machine.

Unlike a lot of other leg extension and leg curl machine combinations, this ATX® model puts you in the optimal position for both of these exercises. Particularly the lying leg curl position isolates the hamstrings better than many dedicated leg curl stations.

So how does this leg extension machine stack up against other high-end units? We decided to put it to the ultimate test and got Mr Universe Lee Priest in for a leg workout.

Please note: The demo was shot on an older version of this machine, so there will be some slight differences in design.


The ATX Leg Extension Leg Curl Machine is pretty basic in terms of design and features. The design has remained unchanged for over 10 years. There is a very good reason for this. It is simply because it is one of the most popular machines in the ATX range.


One of the advantages of being in this game for a long time is that I can actually prove to you that our equipment is built to last. We have the previous model, the Barbarian Leg Extension Leg Curl Machine has been here for at least 6 years I think. In that time it has seen loads of use in a harsh environment.

barbarian leg extension leg curl machine
Barbarian Leg Extension Leg Curl Station

The machine is on a mezzanine floor in a shitty old warehouse. In winter I am freezing my ass off. When the sun hits the roof there will be condensation dripping off. In summer it is like a sauna up here. Plus the roof has clear panels so there is harsh light. There is probably 4 weeks a year when it is comfortable.

Port Botany is just over the golf course. Sometimes you can smell the sea in the air. Despite these conditions and usage this old girl keeps on going. I probably should rotate or replace the pads but I just want to see how long they can last.

But the main reason it is still sitting here is because no matter how many we have in stock, we always seem to run out. I will explain why these machines are so popular.


Normally ATX machines are loaded with all these amazing build features and innovations. But the beauty in this old girl is it’s simplicity.

The backrest has two adjustment positions for leg extensions. When the backrest is lowered for lying leg curls, it elevates the back of the seat pad. This gets your hips horizontal for leg curls. Your things are completely supported on the contoured padding.

Leg Extension Leg Curl Support Grips

The handles at the top of the backrest are for holding when doing lying leg curls. And there are handles for leg extensions too.

The leverage arm pivots on industrial bearings. The pivot point is housed in thick plate steel.

There are adjustable rollers for both leg extensions and lying leg curls. So this machine is per

But I guess the main feature about the build is that it is just a tank. That is why you see it in so many gyms throughout the world.


For gyms or personal training studios the ATX Leg Extension Leg Curl Machine is great value. A generic leg extension machine with a weight stack is going to cost you about $3K. A quality brand is going to be much more. Plus they take up more space.

Naturally the downside is that you are going to have to load plates. This is not much of a drama if you layout your gym based on body parts. Put this machine near your plate loaded leg press so you have access to plates. Loading and unloading a leg curl or leg extension is a breeze compared to a 45 degree leg press machine.


Now we had one negative review of this machine. It related to the positioning of the lever arm.

The complaint was that this pivot was too wide and there was not enough leg clearance. Now this was the first time I had ever heard of such of a complaint and I had no luck getting further details from the reviewer. In the review the buyer expressed buyers remorse that they didn’t get a machine with the side positioned rollers. They said their legs rubbed on the lever arm housing.

Honestly this one had me scratching my head. Nobody before had even raised this as an issue. This design is not uncommon and has been around for years. Plus Lee Priest loves this machine and he has massive legs.

Situating the pivot point to the side is great, but it has to be done right. If it is not done right you will always feel more resistance on the leg closest to the pivot point. Even if you don’t, over time you might.

A machine in this price bracket or lower would struggle to get this right. The high end machines that have this design are made from the highest quality materials.

This design is just simpler and more durable at this price point. It is used on all the leg attachments for benches. Plus it has been around for years and used by legends like Tom Platz


If you are a gym or personal trainer who is on a budget or tight on space and you are looking for a quality leg machine I would have no hesitation in recommending you this machine. When it comes to gym equipment nothing beats time when demonstrating the value of equipment.

Many of the ATX machines have been tweaked over the years. But this one has remained the same. It is the same reason why I am standing next to up an old beat up one now. It does it’s job so well – why would I change it.

Product Specifications

Weight 67 kg


Weight Load Capacity







EN 20957 I.II.IV – S

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    Excellent 👌 machine magnificently made very worthy thank you

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