Replacement Gym Cables

Looking for a replacement gym cable?

Unlike a lot of our competitors we like to make sure that our customers get years of use from their gym purchases. Our gyms are built to last, some are getting close to 15 years old and still going strong. After an innings this long they deserve a bit of a freshen up with some new grips or pad.

After listing some spare parts we got flooded with requests for all different types of gym spare parts. The distributors of many gym brands did not provide any sort of after sale service. Over the years we have tried to expand the range with quality gym spares at very affordable prices.

Gym cables have been a constant request, and fortunately we have a steel wire importer in the same complex as our warehouse. Not only do we have access to quality gym cable and fittings, more importantly we have acquired the expertise to produce quality cables.

If you are after a replacement gym cable, here are some points that will save both of us some time and frustration.

  1. Gym cables come in many different shapes and sizes. Even within the same brand and model, the cable length and configuration might change with a design revision. So we can’t go off brands or model numbers. Therefore you will need to take the cable off the gym to measure it and/or take pictures of the cable fittings at each end. You can’t accurately measure a cable while it is on the machine.
  2. The gym cable we use is 5mm thick. That includes the protective coating. The actual steel cable is approximately 4mm thick. This cable can be used to replace cable within rougly 1.5mm variance. Some gyms use thin cable, like what you would see on a bike’s brakes, our cable is not suitable for this type of application.
  3. You will need to identify which cable fittings you require at each end. The cable fittings are listed in our Gym Cables section on our website.
  4. If your gym cable has ends that are not listed on our website we maybe help. We might be able to source your fitting, or maybe able to provide a suitable alternative. But to do this properly we need clear and detailed photos of the cable ends. You will need to take the cable off the gym to do this.
  5. If your cable end is not on the list, we might be able to re-use yours. This is often the case with the bolts at the end of cables. Sometimes these bolts, or other fittings, can be very rusty. Give them a squirt with some WD-40, or something similar and this normally freshens them up. If we are going to re-use your cable fitting then you will have to send in your cable.

To go ahead just download our Cable Manufacture Form and fill it out. Email back to the address at the bottom of the sheet.

IMPORTANT! – To do a cable properly, we have to have accurate measurements and specifications. Please have these ready and the parts close by before you contact us.

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