Gym Equipment has More Bacteria than a TOILET SEAT!

If this doesn’t convince you to set up a home gym, then nothing will! A recent study by Fit Rated revealed some pretty interesting findings…

Gym equipment like free weights – dumbbells and barbells – has up to 362 time more bacteria than a toilet seat! Which to me, is really no surprise, when you see the state of most gyms. Plus after venturing into the toilets, it is quite obvious that personal hygiene is not high on the agenda for a lot of people.

The situation is so bad that the study recommended basic stuff like washing hands before and after use. Plus it also advised against wearing gym clothes multiple times as this provided a haven for bacteria picked up in the gym to grow over night!

Sharing gym equipment with dickheads was enough for me to walk away from the gym scene. So sharing diseases like yeast infections, ringworm and assorted rashes is just another barrier from me ever returning to a gym.

If you are lucky enough to train at a gym that is looked after by the owner’s and members a like, then I encourage you to keep supporting such a business. But if your gym is more like a war zone and the chance of catching some disease is higher than the Mardis Gras after party it might be time to start weighing up your options. Especially when the study says to cover open wounds to prevent infection from anti-biotic resistant bacteria.

A gym should be like a community where everyone looks out for another and works together to keep the place neat. But sadly these days people are so busy and self-centered that they won’t go out of their way to put weights away or even use towels when training on gym benches.

If you are in this situation, the good news is that training at home has never been easier. Not only is the gym equipment more affordable, but effective strength training does not require a complicated set up. If you aren’t sure about what to start out with just drop us a line and we can point you in the right direction.

If you have no option but to train in a war zone like this, here are some tips to stay healthy in the gym – with a small contribution from yours truly……

stay healthy in the gym