Bodybuilding Diet Advice

If you love your weight training and want to take it to the next level and build some serious muscle, it is wise to get some expert advice on bodybuilding diet. So I just thought I would share my experience with Brad Turnbull. It is no use having the world’s best home gym in your garage if you are doing all the wrong exercises and eating rubbish. You can train your guts out but you will not get the results. From my own personal experience I slogged away for years in the gym and got at best okay results.

If I trained intensely for 6 weeks I would notice changes but then I would just hit the brick wall. I was over training and my system would get burnt out. Often I would get sick or have a lay off and be back at square one again.

Like a lot of weight trainers I was doing weight training programs that were not suited to my weight training goals or my training level. I would have achieved a whole lot more if I went back to basics. But I found it difficult to find a reliable source of weight training information that was suitable for me.

Information Overload

I read books, magazines and the internet on bodybuilding and powerlifting. Every author was saying they were right yet a lot of times their advice was contradictory. Looking back I would have been much better off seeing a personal trainer who specialized in weight training. Once again I was too pig headed. My belief was that personal trainers were simply for people who lacked motivation to do their own fitness training, and could not be bothered researching their own information.

Luckily for me a bloke called Brad Turnbull called from WA asking about the Powertec and Ironmaster gym equipment. Well after one of many hour long phone calls I came away with more weight training knowledge than after years of reading and searching on the net.

Brad came over to judge the IFBB Australian Championships in 2007 and stayed with my wife and I for a week. It was an awesome week. Brad loves to have a chat and I picked his brains on anything to do with weight training, bodybuilding, diet, supplements etc. Brad has read all the books, web pages, seen all the DVD’s, and tried all the diets and weight training programs.

A Bodybuilding Diet The Easy Way

In a week Brad was able to tell me what worked and what didn’t and saved me a lifetime of research and trial and error. Even better he loved to talk about it and didn’t mind answering my questions. At the end of the week Brad sorted out a five star bodybuilding diet and weight training program for Matt and myself.

It was pretty much the same as the Basic Weight Training Diet and Basic Weight Training Program. Straight away we noticed changes.

Firstly, the most obvious was that I eased right up on the farting. Previously I was mixing my protein shakes with light milk. I also used to drink a big glass of milk with dinner. I loved milk. The only problem was that Brad informed me that you lose the ability to digest milk after 25. As a result, the afternoons would sometimes descend into an OH and S issue in the warehouse. My wife tells me it didn’t get any better at night.

Build Muscle and Save Muscle Too!

The next thing I noticed after starting my bodybuilding diet was that I wasn’t spending as much on food and spending as much time preparing it. Brad’s bodybuilding diet was really simple and using the tips he gave me whilst staying, it was also tasty too. My wife liked to cook and we ate healthy, but making fancy dinners during the week was time consuming and, as we found out, expensive.

We pretty much stopped going to Woolworths weekly – only going there occasionally now. I now get my meat and chicken from the local butcher and get the rest from the local IGA. The fruit and veg is much cheaper and fresher. Since I know exactly what to eat and when to eat it, I know how much I need for the week.

We no longer throw out stuff that we didn’t use. Most importantly I felt much better. I never felt bloated and managed to keep my weight constant. I also had much more energy to train and recovered much quicker. Sometimes I have to work long hours so it is easy to feel drained. Sometimes I still feel drained but nothing like I used to, because I am getting the right nutrients in the right proportions.

Get a Proper Training Program Too

I also noticed big changes with the weight training program that Brad set out for me. Brad looked at the photos of me when I was in good shape and picked out the areas I needed to work on. Plus he also took into consideration my shoulder problems. The result was a program that was fairly basic. I must admit I felt a little underwhelmed. I was expecting something a little more complicated. Once I got stuck into it I understood why he designed it that way.

We worked through the program a couple of times I really started upping the intensity. The program worked liked a treat. I didn’t experience any joint pain as I really focused on isolating the muscle and not trying to lift too heavy. Without the joint pain I was really fresh and ready to go on the next training session.

Just like buying gym equipment, spending a little extra on your bodybuilding diet may save you a lot more money in the long run. Plus it will also get you better results.