Weight Training Meals – Quick and Easy

Proper weight training meals are essential if you want to get results in the gym. Preparing meals is easy to do when you are not flat out. But when you are busy it can be hard to find the time. This has happened to me recently with work and family commitments.

So to get back on track I have really simplified my eating and just try and get just a balanced carb/protein/fat combo for each meal. This is not for competition preparation, or even serious body re composition. They are just to fuel my workouts.

Quick and Easy Training Meals

Here are some of my favourites that I use for when I am on the fly.

Tuna & Rice Crackers – Brad got me onto the sun dried tomato rice thins – they are gold. The flavouring on them is probably not ideal but they are certainly better than take away options. I have 6 of these with 2 x 95g tins of tuna. My favourite tuna is the tomato and onion by Serena.

50:50 Cottage Cheese & Yoghurt Mix – This was one of my favourites when I did the Body for Life program. That was nearly 10 years ago and the varieties of yogurts now are a lot better. I get the good yogurt with A,B & C cultures. I just have 100g of each and mix the 2 together.

Eggs & Toast – Just have 2 eggs and 2 pieces of quality whole grain bread like Helgas. Our new home has gas so I have been having mine fried in a non stick pan with a tiny bit of butter. The novelty of the gas will wear off so I will be back to boiling soon and keeping a few in the fridge.

6″ Tuna Subway – If you need to grab something in a hurry then this is the way to go. I get all the salad too – no cheese or sauces.

Cereal & Protein Powder – When I can’t be bothered making oats I just grab some cereal and throw in a scoop of protein powder. Get a decent cereal – no fruit loops – so make sure you read whats in the packet. It doesn’t necessarily have to be breakfast to enjoy this meal!

Don’t build your entire eating plan around these weight training meals. It is important to have some chicken, steak, salad etc for meals too. These are just handy for when the alternative is junk.