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Keith was looking for a diet for weight training. Having good gym equipment is only part of the key to getting good results from weight training. You need to know how to set up a weight training program and back it up with the correct diet to get the desired results.

This is what Keith achieved in 6 weeks with a Powertec Leverage Gym and one of Brad’s tailored weight training and diet plans.

Keith’s Training and Diet for Weight Training Review

Hi Brad,

Well 6 weeks has been and gone and haven’t missed a beat. I have got excellent results. I have lost 7 kg and got a lot better definition. But still want more muscle growth.

I still could loose another kilo believe it or not.

Am well and truly over the eggs. I have just been boiling them. Maybe I need to cook them differently.

I am not sure whether to up in weights or keep pushing the same. Just want to be bigger and keep nice and lean.

Look forward to hearing what you think is best.

Thanks for all your help. Keith

If you are not getting these kind of results from your weight training, why don’t you drop us a line and we will get Brad to tailor a program to help you reach your goals. Brad’s weight training diets and programs are simple and easy to follow – all you need is a little discipline plus some motivation.

WB-LS-B Powertec LeverGym

I can personally vouch for Brad’s advice when it comes to eating. He is pretty handy in the kitchen. So he has got some great ideas about how to make healthy food more palatable. It is not a full on competition style diet. One where there is loads of very plain food. It is more about clean eating with balanced macros.