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ATX® Combo Rack IPF

The German engineers took their time to make things right. They’ve made a bunch of small yet significant changes which make both the athletes and the loaders/spotters life easier and allow the competitions to run smoothly.

Take the bench press an example, the backrest pad has been manufactured out of Polyurethane foam and features an actual textured surface for improved grip. They have also added wheels and a handle so that you could wheel the whole Bench/Spotter platform in and out in just a few seconds.

ATX® IPF Combo Rack improvements don’t end here:

ATX® Combo Rack IPF Key Features


Construction – manufactured out of 3 mm thick steel – total weight of the rack is 126 kgs.

Working Load – 600 kgs safe working load capacity.

Freestanding – wide base with thick rubber feet for additional stability

State of the art machinery – the rack is manufactured using laser cutting and robot-welding machines.

Pre-drilled holes – for gyms who want to permanently mount the rack into the floor.

Spares – two spare rollers and four replacement pins are included with the unit.

Commercial – developed in Germany and certified to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S for gyms.

Laser-cut numbering system – which is positioned on the back of the upright. This helps the spotter to chuck the pin into the correct hole on the first go.

Magnetic adjustment pins – which are manufactured out of solid steel.

8 pins – this rack comes with 8 adjustment pins. You can keep them inside of the upright for quicker height change or store a spare set in the storage holes located next to the lever adjustment arm.

The Uprights are adjustable in 25 mm increments. Shortest upright height 1318 mm, highest – 1893 mm (measured from the top of the combo rack, not the j-hook position.)

UMHW sleeves – prevent metal to metal contact and help to stabilize the upright by reducing the amount of play.

Rubber Stoppers – have been included at the bottom of the rack to prevent the lever adjustment arm from hitting the rack.

Lever Arm Height Adjustment System

Polyurethane Foam Backrest Pad – the newest trend in powerlifitng equipment. It provides the athlete with better support while significantly extending its longevity.

Textured surface – offers a superior grip.

Spotter Platforms – are 32 cm x 18 cm, feature anti-slip design and are situated 18 cm off the floor.

Heavy-Duty Wheels – wheel the bench/spotting platform in/out of the rack in seconds.

Bench Grip – located at the front of the bench for easier maneuvering.

Logo Plate – oversized ATX® logo plate underneath the bench which could be covered in a custom decal.

Removable bench press platform

Rubber Stoppers – with a hidden screw design. Prevents the barbell’s knurling from getting damaged on exposed metal.

Face Savers – elevated thick rubber strip at the back of the spotter arm will literally save your face if the bar is dropped too close to the upright.

Height Adjustment Number System – has been laser cut with the numbers facing outward, making the spotters life much easier.

Adjustment Increments – the height can be adjusted in 25 mm from 59 cm to 86.5 cm in height.

Pinch Proof – the adjustment hole has been lowered to prevent the loaders fingers from being crushed.

Detach in seconds – thanks to the built in push/pull pin.

Length – the spotter arms are approx. 53 cm long and offer 113 cm elbow room.

Squat Stand with Spotter Arms

Angles – the uprights can be tilted 7.5° inwards.

Adjustment – the angle can be changed single-handedly using the built in lever mechanism

Bearings – the upright swivels on oversized bearings for smoother adjustment.

ATX-COP-700 Upright Locking Mechanism

Construction – manufactured out of durable nylon with needle bearings for ultra smooth rotation.

Lift off – extremely short lip for easy unracking of the barbell.

Grooved Rollers – ensure that the bar is not twisted and is sitting perfectly in the middle

Rubber Strips – have been bolted on strips to prevent to metal contact

Bench J-Hooks – can be adjusted from 74 cm to 134 cm in 2.5 mm increments

Squat J-Hooks – can be adjusted from 110 cm to 170 cm in 2.5 cm increments

ATX Combo Rack grooved j-hooks


If you are looking to hold an IPF sanctioned powerlifting competition you will need an IPF approved combo rack. At the moment the options are pretty limited in Australia. You have got Hansu and Rogue racks that are around the $5K mark. Or you can try and get an Eleiko combo but I don’t think you would get much change from $10K.

So the ATX IPF Approved Combo Rack at $3.2K is pretty attractive. It is the same price or even cheaper than some combo racks that are not IPF approved. But is it any good? What is the catch?



ATX Spotter Arms Face Savers

Lets start from the top. As you can see the face savers are custom ATX rubber sections. The j-hooks for the squats can be adjusted from 110 to 170cm. The bench press from 74  to 134cm.


Both j-hooks featured grooved nylon rollers. This means that you can centre the bar laterally even with the heaviest load. Without worrying about damaging your barbell or burning precious energy. The groove in the rollers mean that the barbell is always centred the other way.

The lip on the j-hooks is extra low. Enough to secure the bar in position safely. But it is designed for the easiest possible lift off.

ATX IPF Combo Rack extra low J-Hook lip

Height Adjustment

ATX COP 700 Upright wood inserts

The height can be adjusted in increments of 25mm. A small but important detail is that the laser cut numbers face the rear. This makes life so much easier in the heat of competition.

To make the adjustments you use these magnetic solid steel locking pins. Inside the uprights there are timber inserts which have been drilled out. This makes sliding the locking pins through easier. The holes are so closely spaced that without them you might have trouble lining up the pin. Once again, this little detail makes it so much easier in competitions when the heat is on.

At the back is the lever adjustment arm. It is long and solid – just what you need to generate the leverage required to lift the uprights while they are supporting heavy weight. Plus, there is a storage spot for the locking pin. Another small detail that just adds to the experience is the rubber stopper for the adjustment arm when not in use.

The uprights are secured in the housing with the ATX sleeve system. This makes the movement up and down smooth and stable. Without having to worry about cheap capped-style sleeves popping off during competition.

Upright height position change

Tilting System

Adjusting the tilting angle via lever

The base of the uprights is impressive. Its solid structure is designed for the heaviest loads in competition. Yet it features a simple tilting system. For squatters who like a wide grip, the uprights can be tilted in 7.5 degrees. There is an adjustable red lever pin and push button spring pin at the back.

Both can be easily adjusted with one hand. Once again this makes it easy in competitions.

While we are admiring the base, check out the welds. The machine welds these days are smooth and continuous. A great demonstration of the technology that is being used at the ATX factory.


Spotters on a combo rack might not seem like much of a big deal. But they can be deadly if not properly designed. You will notice that they wrap around the uprights. They are that close that there are inserts to prevent rubbing on the uprights.

If there is a gap between the spotters and uprights the barbell can slip between the gap.

ATX Combo Rack IPF Wrap Around Spotter Arm
ATX-COP-700 spotter arm height adjustment

The spotters are 53cm long. They have thick rubber barbell protection. Angled lips either end prevent the barbell from rolling off at the front. And protect your face when under the barbell.

Height is adjustable from 59 to 86.5 cms in 25mm increments. Just like the uprights they have laser numbering and timber inserts.

When it comes time to remove the spotter arms, you just need to unscrew the chrome bolts at the bottom. No tools are required.


One of the standout features on the ATX Combo Rack is the bench. It is decked out with an extra grippy polyurethane pad. It is designed for lifting big numbers and durability. If you are delicate don’t buy this bench. But I don’t think delicate is a trait found in competitive powerlifters so that should not be an issue.

At the back there are sizable spotter platforms. They are 18cm off the ground which is great for spotting but not for tea bagging.

ATX-COP-700 Textured backrest pad
Detachable Bench Press Section

What makes this bench really handy is that it can be removed easily. There are just two chromed knobs which can be unscrewed by hand. The bench can then be wheeled out of the way. It even has a handle.

The bench can be used apart from the combo rack. If you are using it in your gym it is just another bench option if you have the combo set up for squats.

The base of the rack and bench feature non slip rubber feet all round.



One the biggest differences between the combo racks is the weight. The Rogue combo weighs in at 505lbs. The Hansu weighs in at 240kg but that includes packing. The Eleiko is 115kg while the ATX weighs in at 130kg.

Now it is worth noting that the previous ATX combo rack was the heaviest at 238kgs. It was built like a tank, but it was hard to move. There is a good reason why ATX went in the same direction as Eleiko.

IPF Approved combo racks are naturally built for competitions. Competitions are generally held all over the place. So making a combo rack easy to move is a bonus.

Now you are probably thinking does it make it less stable or even unsafe? You can see for yourself as the ATX combos is seen in many competitions and gyms. Besides weight does not seem to have been a factor for Eleiko which is regarded as the gold standard.

If you do have concerns you can chuck a pair of 30kg rubber hex dumbbells on the base. In a gym environment the base has pre-drilled holes so you can anchor it into the floor.

Features and Quality

Aside from weight, your decision will be based on how the various features of all the different combos stack up. Also, the build quality will play apart too. As the cheapest combo in this comparison, do the other racks offer superior features or quality.

I could easily increase the price of this rack and still be the cheapest. But just like ATX, we aim to give our customers the best deal possible. In particular, we regard powerlifting as a benefit for everyone in the industry. It encourages participation in the gym.

In regards to quality, the ATX Combo Rack is one of the best built items in the ATX range – naturally they want their brand to perform on the platform for the world to see. I think now that the whole world has seen the quality of ATX products, and where they stand in comparison to the market leaders. So I don’t need to bang out about their quality standards.

If you are in Sydney you can come in try it out. Or you can see how they perform in powerlifting competitions throughout the world. Hopefully you might even get to lift on one at your next competition.

Product Specifications

Weight 150 kg
Bench Type



Sold Individually.

Number of Adjustments


Bench Height


Back Pad Dimensions




Weight Load Capacity









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