ATX® Multi Bench


A German engineering masterpiece, the ATX® Multi Bench accepts optional attachments like the preacher curl and leg extension while fitting perfectly inside your power cage.


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At a glance:

  1. Redesigned front foot adds the bench more stability and functionality.
  2. Completely redesigned carriage with higher quality rollers, more functional pin and knurled grip.
  3. The slider guiderail has been coated in hard chrome coating and features laser-cut angle markings.
  4. Upgraded seat adjustment mechanism.
  5. Flat position support now features rubber stoppers and knurled grips.
  6. Redesigned bench wheels are now hidden from the public eye, while the top cover of the wheels serves as a spotting platform.
  7. New optional attachments with an additional attachment hole at the top of the backrest pad.


  1. High Base Weight of 49 kgs – provides a safe and wobble free training experience
  2. Safe working load – 500 kgs – offers plenty of room to grow for even the strongest powerlifters.
  3. Can be stored upright thanks to redesigned wheel housing and added support plate.
  4. Certified for Commercial Use by European Standards – EN 20957 I.II.IV – S.
  5. Compact Footprint- 1445 mm (ATX-MBX-650-II) vs 1490 mm (ATX-MBX-650).
  6. Matte Black Powder Coating with Chromed parts.
  7. Plethora of rubber stoppers and feet to reduce the chance of the bench slipping and to eliminate noise while training.

Necessary improvements

The Pull/Twist locking pin on the weight carriage has been upgrade to a highly-robust T-Pin. Which not only makes the adjustment process much more smoother but also extends the longevity of the pin by eliminating the chance of possible misuse.

German Engineers have ditched the basic handle on the old carriage and replaced it with a single knurled handle which has been coated in durable chrome to not only enhance the user experience but also to extend the longevity of the handle.

Redesigned Carriage
Oversized Rollers

Oversized Rollers – have been added to this carriage, they provide a much smoother movement.

The carriage tube is now coated in hard chrome making the carriage slide much easier. The hard chrome coating also offers excellent rust and scratch resistance compared to the old coating.

The old laser engraved hole position markings have been replaced by laser-cut degree markings. The side of the carriage features a cut out hole making it easier to identify/select the desired position.

The bench now also features an additional slot for the Optional Attachments which is located at the top of the back rest pad. Which is exceptionally useful for those who enjoy performing ab crunches at an increased angle.

New Front Foot

The adjustment knob for the optional attachments had to be moved to the front of the bench. As it’s previous position was limiting the development of the benches.
This change created room for additional reinforcement brackets and more compact footprint.
The ATX® Multi Bench 650-II also features an improved grip which makes the bench just that tad easier to move around.
Resistance Band Peg provisions have also been added to the bench, now you can increase the resistance or alter the strength curve for the ATX® Optional attachments with a help of resistance bands!

Transport Handle of the ATX Multi Bench

Flat Position Support

To eliminate the pinching hazard when putting the bench into flat position, ATX® have added a knurled & chromed grip at the top of the swiveling support.
Rubber stoppers have also been added to the bench, which prevent metal to metal contact and protect the paint of the bench.
Additional steel bracket has also been welded on the back of the support, this feature not only allows you to stand the bench up, but also protects the backrest pad from being in contact with the floor.

Spotter Platform

ATX® have ditched the basic rubber feet and welded on bench wheels and instead opted for a completely new system. The re-designed back beam rubber feet has the wheels embedded into them.

This design allowed the German Engineers to protect the wheels from accidental damage, stand the bench upright and even add a grippy spotting platform to the back of the bench.

Spotting Platform

Additional Features

Plethora or rubber stoppers have been added to prevent metal to metal contact and reduce the noise while training.
Laser-Cut ATX Logo on the adjustment carriage for additional flex.
A 60 mm thick High-Quality Faux Leather Backrest Pad, which can be upgraded to a grippier Polyurethane pad.
Seat Adjustment pin is now manufactured out of a single laser-cut thick steel sheet preventing the seat from ever hitting the frame.

The Carriage Advantage

ATX-MBX-650 is the only bench on the market designed for compact spaces. Not only it is the only available compact space bench in Australia, it is the only bench of this caliber in the world!

Take the reasonably priced ($1920) Rogue Manta Ray Adjustable Bench as an example since it is regarded as one of the best adjustable benches on the market.

The pivot point of the backrest pad is so far away from the back of the bench that you would not be able to use it on majority of Half Racks, Wall Mounted Half Racks, Smith Machines or Lever Gyms. The same story would be for most power cages as they would not have enough internal depth to accommodate a bench of this size.

You could say that about pretty much any bench out there on the market as they don’t perform quite well when it comes to doing incline bench press or shoulder press. But that is what makes the ATX® Multi Bench II so much more special.

You can bring the carriage/backrest pad pretty much all the way back to the rear support beam. This allows you to train even on the most shallow racks and smith machines.

However, high-build quality and the ability to bring the backrest pad to the back of the bench are not the only reasons why we think that this bench is the best Compact FID Bench on the market.

ATX® have released a number of revamped Bench Attachments, such as Leg Extension/Leg Curl, Preacher Curl, Pec Fly and Ab Crunch attachments, allowing you to convert your Flat, Incline, Decline multi bench into the Ultimate weight training bench.

Product Specifications

Weight 49 kg
Bench Type



Sold Individually.

Number of Adjustments


Bench Height


Back Pad Dimensions




Weight Load Capacity






Adjustment Positions

-10 – 83




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