ATX® Attachment Storage Rack


Elevate your gym with the ATX® Rack. Store 4 attachments, wheel around easily, and enjoy a tidy, efficient space. Easy assembly, rock-solid stability.


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Introducing the Ultimate Solution in Gym Organization: The ATX® Attachment Storage Rack

ATX® has long been revered for its superior bench accessories, providing the strength training aficionado with unparalleled quality and performance. Yet, there remained one piece to the puzzle that was missing – a dedicated storage solution. Now, the wait is over!

Expertly Engineered for Convenience and Mobility

The ATX® Attachment Storage Rack is designed with the user in mind, seamlessly integrating with up to four of your chosen optional attachments. Meticulously crafted with high-quality transport wheels, this storage rack affords the ultimate in mobility, allowing you to maneuver your gym essentials effortlessly across your workout space.

Universal Compatibility

Adhering to ATX®’s commitment to versatility, this rack is the perfect match for all ATX® Optional Attachments, accommodating a tube size of 40 mm x 40 mm. The inclusivity of this design means that you can personalize your storage to the tools you have, ensuring everything you need is within arm’s reach.

Innovative Design Features

The addition of Nylon Sleeves is a game-changer, providing an effortless experience when loading and unloading attachments. With adjustable holders, you can tailor the storage rack to your space and equipment needs, crafting the most efficient and sleek organizational system.

Uncompromised Stability

Robust construction is at the heart of the ATX® Attachment Storage Rack, promising unwavering stability. The stand holds its ground firmly, even when fully loaded with all your gym accessories, so you can focus on your workout with peace of mind.

Simplicity in Assembly

The complexity of assembly should not be a part of your exercise routine. With this in mind, ATX® has ensured that the setup of this storage rack is straightforward, allowing you to put it together with ease and start organizing your space in no time.

Transform your gym experience with the ATX® Attachment Storage Rack – where functionality meets strength. Say goodbye to cluttered spaces and hello to a streamlined, effective training environment. Your workout accessories now have a home, thanks to the ingenuity of ATX®.

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