ATX® Tricep Dip Attachment


Dock the ATX® Tricep Dip Attachment to your ATX® Commercial FID Bench or ATX® Multi Bench for a cost-effective, space-efficient tricep isolation exercise


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This attachment will dock into compatible ATX® benches. The movement is very similar to the seated press down machines that you will find in a gym, but being an attachment you get the movement without the price tag or extra space associated with a dedicated machine.

The ATX® Tricep Dip Attachment is one of the most underrated multi bench attachments in the ATX® range for a couple of reasons.

Fixed plain of motion – It takes a lot of pressure off your stabilizer muscles giving you the opportunity to focus on training and isolating your triceps. This feature comes in handy after heavy pressing, when your stabilizers have been exhausted and you still want to give some extra stress to the muscle.

Control both the weight and the movement – if you are a beginner, in a process of rehab or just nursing a sore joint/muscle having control over how much weight you lift and which grip you use (neutral, supinated, pronated, wide) can be a game changer.

I would like to point out that you will not be able to set PR’s on this accessory nor has it been designed to allow you to. There is no real way to anchor yourself to the bench as soon as you will get to around 80% of your bodyweight you will start lifting up from the bench. But in the video below you can Linas doing above his 90kg bodyweight by simply locking his legs on the bench.

  1. Simply dock into your bench for your own dedicated tricep machine.
  2. A variety of hand positions can be achieved thanks to the two grips – neutral & supinated/pronated.
  3. Lever arm pivots on a ball bearing for the smoothest action.
  4. Rated for 150kg.

What’s Included? ATX® Tricep Dip Attachment (ATX-OP-TRA), Olympic Adaptor (BB-OA-250-PVC)

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit.

Product Specifications

Weight 13 kg



L = 112cm W = 83cm H = 69cm

Weight Load Capacity



1 x Olympic sleeve


Black and chrome


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