ATX® Camber Bar Attachment


Upgrade your workout today with the ATX® Camber Bar Attachment and experience a new level of training efficiency and effectiveness!


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ATX® Camber Bar Attachment Key Features

Compatibility and Installation

Compatibility with 50 mm Barbells: Designed to fit seamlessly onto any barbell with a 50 mm sleeve, these attachments are universally compatible.

Easy Installation: Slide them onto your barbell sleeves and secure them with the locking screw. This simple setup process allows you to quickly convert your barbell into a cambered squat bar.

The unique geometry shifts the center of gravity downwards, improving balance during exercises. This shift places a greater load on your core, particularly during squats, zercher squats, and good mornings.
Enhanced Muscle Engagement: The slight torque created by the cambered shape challenges stabilizer muscles, aiding in the improvement of balance and body control.
Shoulder-Friendly Design: These attachments are crafted to reduce shoulder pressure while still maintaining effective training intensity.

Avoid the expense of a full-sized cambered squat bar. These attachments offer the same benefits in a more compact and affordable form.
Increased Range of Motion: The 37 cm lower placement of the weight plate compared to standard barbell squats allows for greater freedom of movement and more effective exercise execution.
Generous Loading Capacity: Each attachment features a 37 cm Olympic sleeve, providing ample space for loading your barbell.

Includes a large rubber stop buffer to prevent metal-on-metal contact and a locking screw for secure attachment.
High Load Capacity: Can safely support up to 250 kg.
Commercial Certification: Meets the standards of Commercial (EN 20957 I.II.IV – S) certification, ensuring durability and quality.

Product Specifications

Weight 8 kg
Sleeve Rotation



50 cm

Sleeve Length




Load Capacity



7.8kg (Pair)


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