ATX® Pec-Fly Attachment


Pec Fly’s is one of the best chest building accessory exercises, hence why you will see it in both Old School and Modern Day bodybuilder’s training regime. The ATX ® Pec-Fly option allows you to transform your ATX® Multi Bench into a full-blown pec fly machine!


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The benefit of using a pec fly machine over your cable or dumbbell fly’s is that it takes the load of your stabilizer muscles which tend to fatigue far quicker compared to the larger muscle groups. With a leverage pec fly machine you will be able to train until failure without having to worry about dropping the dumbbells or putting too much strain on your shoulders. Features of the ATX® Pec-Fly Attachment:

  1. Full range of motion – with two height adjustments and the handles being level with the bench you are sure to get the best pec stretch possible.
  2. High Weight Load Capacity – at 120 kgs Safe Working Load (60 kgs per arm), will be more than enough for even the strongest lifters out there.
  3. Olympic Adaptors- The Olympic Adaptors go over 30 mm thick solid steel pins which are sure to last the lifetime of the machine.
  4. Max Weight Plate width – 350 mm, this attachment will not be suitable for use with Bumper Plates.
  5. Double bearings + built in stopper to prevent the handles from falling on the ground or hitting the bench.
  6. Built-In headrest pad for added comfort.
  7. Rotating Handles with Embossed ATX Logo.
  8. Easy to store thanks to the built in grip and the ability to lock the handles together.
Compact Storage

Fold Up Design

Full range of motion

Full Range of Motion

Head protection pad

Headrest Pad

Loading/Unloading Grip

Carry Grip

Rubber Grips

Grippy Rotating Handles

Thick Steel

Reinforced Axis

Olympic Plate Adaptor

Designed for Olympic Plates

High Load Capacity

Up to 60 kgs per Arm

Product Specifications





Weight Load Capacity



2 x Olympic sleeves


Black and Chrome


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