ATX® Multi Bench – Ultimate Model 2.0


Experience the pinnacle of gym equipment with the ATX® Multi Bench Ultimate 2.0. German engineering brings you a weight bench with a 500 kg load capacity, a Sabertooth locking system, and enhanced safety features. Perfect for home or commercial gyms.


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Unlock the full potential of your workout with the ATX® Multi Bench Ultimate 2.0. Engineered in Germany, this powerhouse of a bench has been designed with precision and durability at its core, providing a staggering safe working load of 500 kg. This isn’t just any gym equipment – it’s the pinnacle of innovation and robust construction.

Introducing the ATX® Multi Bench Ultimate 2.0 – Redefining Strength Training

spotting platform

Reinforced for Optimal Stability

locking plates

High-Quality Finish

slot of optional attachments

Backrest Pad now accepts Optional Attachments

knurled adjustment grip

Knurled and Chromed Grip

sabertooth locking system

Nylon Coating for Noise Reduction

laser cut degree markings

Laser-Cut Degree Markings

ergonomic grip

Front Foot with Seat Height Adjustment

Adjustment knob

Nylon Sleeves

L-Shaped backrest Pad Bracket

Custom Parts and Thick Foam Padding

Swivel Axis

Reduced Gap to 3.5 cm

Textured Pad

Textured Upholstery for better Grip

Custom Wheels

Rubber Transport Wheels

Resistance Band Peg Provisions

Ergonomic Grip

At a Glance

  1. Innovative Sabertooth Locking System: ATX® state-of-the-art locking system revolutionizes the workout experience, offering lightning-fast adjustments of both the seat and the backrest. This innovative feature eliminates the need for cumbersome pins, enabling you to switch angles in a matter of seconds, ensuring your workout remains efficient and fluid.
  2. Enhanced Feet and Rollers: The robust design of the feet and rollers serves a dual purpose. Not only do they offer stability and support, but they also transform into a reliable spotter platform. This thoughtful design element ensures safety during solo training sessions and allows for a wider range of exercises.
  3. Precision Laser-Cut Degree Markings: The bench boasts precision laser-cut markings, providing a clear and accurate guide for adjusting the bench to the desired angle. This precision ensures consistency in your workouts and aids in tracking your progress.
  4. Ergonomic Knurled and Chromed Grips: Adjustment is made seamless with ergonomically designed grips. The knurling ensures a non-slip surface, while the chrome finish adds a touch of elegance and resistance against wear and tear.
  5. Vertical Storage Option: Space is a premium commodity, and this bench is designed with a vertical storage feature that allows it to seamlessly integrate into your space, making it an ideal addition to any home gym or commercial facility.
  6. Compatibility with New ATX® Attachments: Our bench is not just a standalone piece; it’s the foundation of a versatile workout system. Designed to be compatible with the latest ATX® attachments, it invites a plethora of new exercises, expanding the horizons of your fitness routine.

Innovative Seat Features

  1. Upgraded Bumper Stopper: The improved bumper stopper system delivers additional seat support, offering a stable and secure base that adapts to your movement, ensuring you can focus on your form and not the firmness of your seat.
  2. Pinless Sabertooth Style Adjustment: The bench’s innovative sabertooth adjustment mechanism does away with traditional pins, allowing for swift and secure changes in seat positioning. This results in a more streamlined and less interruptive transition between exercises.
  3. Knurled Handle for Seat Adjustment: The newly integrated knurled handle for seat adjustments provides an enhanced grip, making changes between exercises as simple as a light touch, even with sweaty hands.
  4. Custom Nylon Roller: This feature stands out as a testament to thoughtful engineering, as it removes the unwanted noise and resistance of metal-on-metal contact, providing a smooth and quiet operation.
  5. Enclosed Sabertooth Locking: With the locking system fully enclosed, the bench’s longevity is significantly increased, protecting the mechanism from dust and debris, ensuring that your investment remains in peak condition.
  6. Multiple Seat Positions: The seat’s versatility is unmatched, with multiple adjustment positions that cater to a full spectrum of exercises and body types, ensuring that every user can find their perfect fit.
  7. Extended Seat Length: The generous length of the seat is designed to accommodate even the largest athletes, ensuring comfort and stability no matter the size of the user.

Enhanced Backrest Pad

  1. Thick Foam Padding: Our bench features a plush 60 mm foam padding, providing exceptional comfort and support for your back, allowing you to train longer and harder.
  2. Spacious Laying Area: With a total laying area of 1220 mm and a backrest pad length of 810 mm, this bench is designed to support a full range of motion for users of all sizes.
  3. Smooth Bearing Axis Redesign: The bearing axis has been meticulously redesigned to offer smooth transitioning between incline levels, reducing the gap between the seat and the backrest to enhance comfort.
  4. Adjustable Backrest: With 14 distinct positional adjustments, ranging from a -10° decline to an 85° incline, this bench supports a complete spectrum of exercises, from decline chest presses to military-style shoulder presses.
  5. Provisions for Additional Attachments: The backrest pad includes provisions for optional headrest and ab crunch attachments, allowing you to customize your bench for a more targeted workout.

Revolutionary Sabertooth Locking System and Front Foot Innovation

The Sabertooth locking system has been overhauled with a focus on durability and precision. The elimination of welded brackets in favor of bolted ones minimizes manufacturing errors and allows for part replacement if necessary. The system’s redesign incorporates thicker steel for increased weight load capacity and nylon rollers to prevent metal-to-metal contact, further enhanced by laser-cut degree markings.

The repositioning of the adjustment knob in the front foot redesign permits a direct weld to the support beam, increasing the bench’s structural integrity and load capacity. The addition of a laser-cut brace doubles as a seat adjustment bracket, providing extra support.

Safety First: Eliminating Pinch Hazards

Finally, the new model has addressed the adjustment system’s shortcomings. It now includes knurled and chromed grips that allow easy lifting of both the backrest pad and the adjustment arm, with an additional locking hook to secure the backrest in place for vertical storage. Rubber covers have been added to the bolts for both aesthetic appeal and safety, ensuring that the bench is as user-friendly as it is robust.

Compact Vertical Storage Capability of ATX Weight Bench
ATX Multi Bench in Incline Position with Gap-Free Design
Adjustment positions on the ATX Multi Bench
High-Capacity ATX Weight Bench with 500kg Load Support

Product Specifications

Weight 45 kg
Bench Type



Sold Individually.

Number of Adjustments


Bench Height


Back Pad Dimensions




Weight Load Capacity






Adjustment Positions

-10 – 83




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