Hardcore Aussie Muscle – Australia’s Own Bodybuilding Magazine

Aussie yobbo humour, childish bagging of mates and sexual innuendo – Hardcore Aussie Muscle is a literary masterpiece. In an age where political correctness is sapping the fun out of the Australian way of life Hardcore Ausse Muscle is a refreshing change and a bloody good laugh.

Now allow me to quote:

“When I first encountered him I remember thinking that he was a bit of a knob-head” – I cracked up when I read this. You just do’t expect that kind of thing from such a professional looking magazine but that is the reason I got a subscription and hang out for each addition of Hardcore Aussie Muscle.

If you already buy bodybuilding magazines then check out Hardcore Aussie Muscle. They are the first true Australian bodybuilding magazine so you get to know all the local competitors and see the results from all the Australian bodybuilding competitions.

If you do’t currently buy bodybuilding magazines but love your weight training then I would recommend checking it out. One of the most important factors contributing to your success in weight training is your motivation levels. Competitive bodybuilding is not everyone’s cup of tea but seeing what can be achieved through hard work and dedication may just inspire you to take your weight training to the next level. Just remember too that the athletes covered are just your average Aussie punter who loves their weight training – not some overseas superstar.

For those of you who think bodybuilding is just for people on the juice, Hardcore Aussie Muscle covers all the natural bodybuilding competitions and also regularly feature profiles on natural athletes. As a matter of fact Alex Simays is on the front cover of the ninth addition and this bloke is 100% natural. This is what I am talking about giving you some motivation for your weight training. If you could get half of the muscle this bloke has you would be sorted. The fact that he has done it without performance enhancing drugs should give you confidence that if you train hard and eat well you can achieve outstanding results.

My favourite part of Hardcore Aussie Muscle is “Research Central” which is written by Dr Paul Cribb. It is only one page but it is always packed full of pearls of wisdom. He has really simple tips that have been tried and tested. They are cutting edge so it will give you a secret weapon to get ahead of the pack.

So if you are looking for some motivation in your weight training with some handy training tips thrown in for good measure then give Hardcore Aussie Muscle a go.