Bodybuilding Show IFBB Australian Championships Review 2007

The IFBB Australian Championships 2007 was an awesome bodybuilding show. Work unfortunately got in the way on Saturday and I missed the whole day. To make up for it I went to both the pre judging and finals on the Sunday.

Pre Judging

My favorite is the pre judging. For those who haven’t been to a bodybuilding show before this is definitely the part to see in my opinion. Sometimes it can get a bit boring if there is heaps of call outs but it really gives you a taste of what bodybuilding is all about. The posing routines have all the glitz and glamour but the only problem I find is that everyone looks in great condition you can’t tell the difference. When the competitors are lined up and compared you can really see the stand out athletes.

Meeting Jay Cutler

What made the weekend was bumping into Jay Cutler on Saturday night at Sauce in Coogee. Brad Turnbull was over from Perth judging and said he would like a steak for dinner. So we went to Sauce which has the best steaks and ribs in the eastern suburbs. We were tucking in and the next minute this absolute beast with blonde hair comes strolling in. The cooks looked nervous!

Brad had spoken to Jay during the day that he was over with the Australian Powertec dealer and got up to introduce me. I was a bit reluctant to annoy the bloke as he had probably shaken a million hands during the day and was just looking to have a feed and get to bed. Like you see on his DVD’s, Jay was more than happy to stop and say hello and have a chat. It really made a good weekend great.

Jay Makes the Bodybuilding Show

Jay also stole the bodybuilding show at the finals on Sunday. Physique wise I am not a huge fan of Jay’s as I think he is just too big. But as a showman and ambassador for bodybuilding he is second to none. The interview Tony Doherty did with him was great and you really got to know Jay as a person. Then he ripped into the posing routine which was awesome. The crowd went ballistic as he put on a show. Jay came out amongst the crowd and stood on tables – it was worth the price of admission alone.

But the real show began in the after party when Matt “Trunk” Grimshaw (left) put on a real show. You can clearly see that is relaxed forearm is clearly bigger than Jay’s who is tanned and pumped.

If you have’t been to a bodybuilding show before make sure get along and check out the Australian Championships in 2008. You get to see the best physiques in Australia all on stage. If that does’t inspire you to tear home and get on the gym equipment nothing will.

Jay Cutler and Matt Trunk Grimshaw at IFBB bodybuilding show

Jay Cutler coming off second best against Matt Trunks Grimshaw in an impromptu showdown at the IFBB bodybuilding show

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