IFBB Australian Championships 2008 at Sharkies

The Aussie titles on Sunday would have to be the best bodybuilding competition I have been to so far. The level of competition in nearly all the divisions was outstanding.

We knew we were in for a big day when we rocked up at 10 am for pre judging and the place was already full. There were only 2 competitors in the under 65kg, even then the bloke that won looked like he was over 80kg he had that much muscle on him.

From then on the competition heated up with the under 75kg, under 80kg, under 85kg all being close contests. I particularly felt sorry for the 3rd place getters in the under 80kg & under 85kg – both these blokes had the goods to win on any other day but they just came up against some guys in absolute peak condition. But I am sure that they, like everyone else at the show, know that the 3rd placing in this competition is better than a win at a title when the standard is not so good.

The over 90kg was also a tough contest with all 3 place getters in great shape. The battle between Luke Schembri and Darren Smith was close. Darren has got some of the best biceps in the business and was in great all round condition but Luke had just that bit extra muscle to pip him at the post.

If this competition is anything to go by we should be in for some even bigger and better shows in the future.

We also had the opportunity to meet Dennis Wolf at the show. Like all the pro bodybuilders I have met he was very easy going and approachable. Dennis happens to be a longtime fan of Matt “Trunk” Grimshaw and he did swung by our showroom for an after hours deep massage with tissues.

Wome’s Bodybuilding Results 1. Cathy Adams 2. Debra Grech 3. Frederique Guthrie Under 65kg Results 1. Tony Saadati 2. Wyn Hodges Under 70kg Results 1. Black Keniawan 2. Shawn Mason 3. Ralph Mateo Under 75kg Results88 1. Rhommel Pardian 2. Neil Gardner 2. Stepher Travis Under 80kg Results 1. Ange Galati 2. Shane Butt 3. Michael Galley Under 85kg Results 1. Sam Pappas 2. Fabrice Marchand 3. Scott Slaman Under 90kg Results 1. Steve Nicholas 2. Rohan Reid 3. Chris Thomas Over 90kg Results 1. Luke Schembri 2. Darren Smith 3. Nick Ranelly Over 100kg Results 1. Matt “Trunk” Grimshaw. 2. Glen Austin 3. Mitchell Ng 4. Eric Macintyre