Ivan Sadek – A Champion Effort from a Champion Bloke

My highlight of the IFBB Australian Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix was the pro debut of Ivan Sadek. He placed 5th at his pro debut and competed on the same stage as Toney Freeman, Kai Greene, Silvio Samuel and MATT “TRUNK” GRIMSHAW. It was a truly amazing performance and he did not look the least bit out of place.

On top of that Ivan, is a true gentleman and devoted head of the family. I had the privilege of meeting Ivan through a mutual friend some time ago. Despite looking like one mean dude, he is very approachable and loves to have a chat.

Meeting Ivan Sadek at Doherty’s Gym

We knew Ivan was in with a big chance when we were at Dohertys Gym for a workout on the Friday before the show. Ivan was training and I went and said g’day and was blown away by his size and condition. He was huge and ripped to shreds.

The gym was buzzing and Tony Doherty got the camera and revved the big fella up for some shots. Ivan was looking very tired and depleted but whipped the shirt off and hit some poses. I think the pictures say it all—this man is a beast!

Considering this was Ivan’s first show and the level of competition, it was a remarkable performance. There is a lot more to professional bodybuilding than just donning the Speedo’s and getting oiled up.

You must have your training and nutrition all peaking at the time you hit the stage. These guys are depleting themselves of water, whilst still trying to maintain hard and vascular. This is where Ivan was lucky to have Matt “Trunk”Grimshaw in his corner.

For Aussie competitors like Ivan Sadek, it is harder to compete in professional bodybuilding because we are so far away from the main competitions in the northern hemisphere. After this performance we hope to see Ivan make the trek overseas and compete in further competitions.