Lee Priest’s Bodybuilding Return at Sacramento Pro Show

Lee Priest is making his come back at the Sacramento Pro Show on the 7th November 2010. Sam’s Fitness is proud to be supporting Lee for this show. We would wish him luck but when you see the shape he is in, he won’t be needing any luck…….

Lee Priest’s Bodybuilding Return Guest Posing

Lee has partially made his bodybuilding return. He has been up on stage doing some guest posing at some Aussie bodybuilding shows. No wonder he has decided to make his return. Although not down to full competition condition, you can see that he is not very far off.

Lee Priest Guest Pose

And one of his famous poses that he will no doubt use on his bodybuilding return. This pose is often used by many a Lee Priest fan. Unfortunately there are only a few in the world blessed with the genetics to pull of the famous victory pose. Sergio Oliva, Lee Priest and Matt “Trunk” Grimshaw come to mind. So it will be great to see it once again on the competitive stage.

Lee Priest Guest Pose

As you can see Lee has not lost it, and you can only imagine what he will look like when comes in at full competition shape. When I heard Lee was looking to compete again I was only too happy to help out. He has been a great ambassador for our business and has provided many of our phone and internet customers piece of mind.

Not every fitness equipment retailer can say they have top level pro bodybuilder like Lee training on their home gym equipment! So we will keep you posted on Lee’s progress as he prepares to battle it out on stage.

We will hopefully have some of his bodybuilding workouts that he does in his home gym. They are simple and effective. Plus they only require basic gym equipment.