Adams Fully Loaded Ironmaster Gym

Big thanks to Adam for sending in a pic of his fully loaded Ironmaster Gym. From what I can see he has got nearly every piece of Ironmaster gym equipment ever made!

While most of us would be happy with the either an Ironmaster Half Rack Package, there are some more fussy people that would like an Ironmaster smith machine plus dumbbell gym. But Adam has splashed out and got both! The end result is one of the best Ironmaster home gyms I have ever seen.

This is what Adam had to say…..

Here is my Ironmaster setup!

This takes up my double car garage. I’d still love to eventually put a full rack of dumbells from 5-150lbs but I am definitely loving what I got so far.

I got the 1500 squat rack, the fully loaded smith option and an extra adjustable bench with dumbbell spotting stands

Yeah I’ve been super happy with the quality of Ironmaster! Good stuff at a great price!

Thanks guys, huge fan of your youtube channel and the Lee Priest affiliation!

Although you can easily convert your IM2000 into a squat rack with the aid of their j-hooks and spotter arms, having the Ironmaster IM1500 as a stand alone unit makes life a whole lot easier and you can progress through a workout much quicker. As you can see from the picture, Adam has plenty of space so why not.

Adam has also doubled up on the Super Bench. One of the downsides of the bench being so versatile is that you can use it for so many exercises. So once again, if you have two, you can set up your next exercise to shorten your workout time.

There is such a wide variety of choice out their in the fitness equipment market. Often people get bogged down in the decision making process trying to find the perfect piece of gym equipment at the perfect price. I have seen many people taking gambles on products that aren’t established, or made by less than reputable companies. If your head is spinning with choice, take a leaf out of Adam’s book. The Ironmaster products are designed to work together and create a whole gym environment.

Better still you can start out with just the dumbbells and bench, which alone can give a great workout, but overtime can form the start of your new home gym. Once you get a feel for their quality and durability, no doubt you will be back for more, just like Adam did – many, many times!

So thanks again to Adam for sharing his Ironmaster masterpiece.