An Awesome Home Gym with Denis

I recently delivered some gear to Denis down in Bundanoon and was confronted by one of the best home gyms I have ever seen. I have placed a couple of photos below.

Not only has Denis got a great space, but he has also chosen wisely with the pieces of equipment. Placed throughout the Gym is an assortment of the Powertec attachments, the Powertec Leg Sled, Powertec Chin/Dip Assist, Powertec Squat/Calf, Powertec Hyperextension, Powertec Power Rack, Powertec Utility Bench as well as many Power Maxx Dumbbells. I dropped off the Barbarian Seated Calf Raise and Denis can’t wait to get his hands on the Powertec Functional Trainer when it arrives later this month. He has every base covered.

As you can see, Denis has an array of gym gear to hit all muscle groups many times over. A great combination of free weight and leverage equipment.

And to top it all off, he has gyprocked a wall around all the gear so it looks and feels like a real gym. It sets it apart from the rest of the shed. It certainly did get me in the mood to train as soon as I walked in.

Now I know that we all don’t have enough room for all of this gear, but just by grabbing a couple of the items that Denis chose, you can at least start the process of having a home gym. Dare to dream.