Andrews Multi System Dumbbell Gym

Andrew recently added a set of Power Maxx 2.5kg to 25kg Dumbbells and Powertec Workbench Lat Tower Accessory (WB-LTA) to his Powertec Multi System. You can see from the photo that Andrew has got himself an awesome home gym!

A rack of Power Maxx dumbbells and the Multi System has always been a popular combination. You can do all your favourite exercises in either leverage or dumbbell form. Throw in the Lat Tower option and you increase the number of exercises you can do massively.

As much as I would like to sell Andrew some more gym equipment, I can safely say he is pretty much set for life with this gym. If you look at our gym equipment app and see all the exercises that you can do with the multi gym alone, you will know your training will never go stale.