Bernards Powertec Multi System Dumbbell Package Gym

Check out Bernards Powertec Multi System Dumbbell Package Gym – get out your pens and take notes because this is the work of a home gym genius!  He has turned a relatively small storage space into the complete home gym. When you see the detail in the layout you will know why I got excited when I saw it.

Yes that is a 10-40kg Power Maxx Commercial Dumbbell Set – with some lighter dumbbells for the missus.  Plus check out how nicely the Power Maxx Olympic Barbells fit nicely on the wall.

For those of you who wondering, the hooks Bernard has used to hang his barbells on the wall are Sure Hooks by Zenith. They are available at most hardware stores and for those of you who have been into our showroom will know that we are massive fans of these hooks. We have used them to hang our barbells for years – and they last forever and look great. So they are a great way to keep your home gym tidy and look great like Bernards.

I think this shot best showcase’s how nicely the Bernard’s gym ties together….

To me this is the best part of the home gym culture. Yes I am impressed by a massive shed filled with heaps of gym equipment. But I am far more impressed with someone turning a relatively small space into a complete home gym. For those of you who are not familiar with Powertec products, you might be thinking it is a multi gym + dumbbells + barbells = So what?

I strongly you recommend watching our Powertec Multi System Video, then think about all the exercises you can do with dumbbells and barbells. If you can’t work out enough quality exercises to hit body parts in many different variations I suggest that weight training might not be for you.

For those familiar with Powertec products, you will know one of their multi gyms plus dumbbells or barbells will give you years of quality training. Hence the reason Bernard has been training close to everyday since he has got his gym up and running.

The best news for Bernard is that if he likes his home gym now, I can tell him the love will only get stronger. Playing around with these gyms and exploring all the things they can do is the other great aspect of home gym life. If anyone ever gets stale or is longing for some variety, just pick up the phone or drop us an email and I will gladly give you some pointers.

Not only have I have been training on these machines for over 10 years, but I have had the privilege of sharing ideas with fellow home trainers from all round the world. After all this time, I could never imagine myself ever training out of my own gym.