Brendans Multi System and Dumbbell Gym

Here are some pics that Brendan sent through of his Powertec Multi System and Dumbbell Gym.

What I like about this home gym set up, is that it adds a twist to one of my old favourites. I have said many times before that the Powertec Multi System goes perfectly with dumbbells. You have a great combination of free weight and machine exercises that can hit all bodyparts with many different exercises.

But what makes this gym even better is the simple addition of the Powertec Lat Tower Accessory. This option just adds so many more different exercises. Plus you can see that Brendan covered all his bases with cable attachments!

Dumbbell Set

Now don’t think for a minute that the cable accessory is a light weight when it comes to the lat pulldowns stakes. You can really load these up and they slide super smooth. Some customers have even bought another Powertec Utility Bench so they could create a standalone lat pulldown station. The advantage of doing this is that you don’t have to sit on the floor when doing seated rows, like you have to do with most domestic and light commercial lat machines.