Cheynes Powertec Home Gym

Cheyne tagged me in a photo of his new Powertec Machine Gym a while back and I have been meaning to post it for months. What prompted me to pull the finger out was a customer who was after a complete home gym that didn’t involve a power rack and barbells. The old Powertec LeverGym and a Leg Sled immediately sprang to mind. So here is Cheyne’s set up….

The Power Rack fan boys & girls will have their panties in a twist over this one. You can’t possible get any gains without using a barbell and power rack they say. This is probably one of the greatest fallacies around. Yes free weight squats, bench press and dead lifts etc etc are the best. But if you hate doing them, you aren’t going to be very enthusiastic toward your training are you?

On the other hand, Cheyne’s package allows you to do great compound movements with plenty of weight. Yes they are in machine format, but if you are increasing your intensity over time by way of more reps, weight, sets etc you will be getting stronger and building muscle. How do I know? I have seen so many people rock back into the shop looking jacked after training on this equipment. The results speak for themselves.

The Powertec LeverGym is the best upper body all round home multi gym on the planet at this price and footprint. The fact that you can do squats and lunges on it is a bonus. But adding the Compact Leg Sled just adds a whole new dimension to leg day. These two machines really compliment each other.

Whenever somebody questions the effectiveness of this type of machine set up I simply refer them to the NUMEROUS training videos the Lee Priest has done on these machines. As a matter of fact, Lee often prefers these machines over free weights as he feels he can isolate the muscle more effectively.

If you train hard, eat right and get plenty of rest you will get results. It is simple. But you have to do quality compound movements with decent weight, and this combination enables you to do this all major body parts. So instead of dragging yourself into the gym to train on a power rack that you can’t stand, get something that will have you beating down the gym door!