Cons Home Gym Tasmania

Cons Home Gym in Tasmania is a beauty. Con sent pictures in ages ago, so a big thanks goes out for the updated pics. I will always have a soft spot for Con’s home gym. Firstly it is in Tassie which is one of my favourite places. Secondly, it is immaculate. Some of Con’s gear is from the 2008 Powertec range and is in that good condition that it would not look out of place on our showroom floor.

It looks more like a high class studio than a home gym, but it is highly functional and definitely no show pony. There is a Powertec Power Rack System, Leverage Squat Calf, Chin Dip/Assist and T-Bar Row Machine. Plus all the cardio options to get the blood pumping in those cold Tasmanian winters!

You are probably wondering why you would get a Power Rack and get a squat machine like the Leverage Squat Calf. You can obviously do squats in the power rack, but these are a completely different exercise to leverage squats. It is just like comparing barbell bench press to dumbbell bench press. Although they target the same muscles, they are two completely different exercises. Barbell squats are great for developing power. While the Leverage Squats allow you to isolate your quads.

When speaking to customers on the phone, I have probably said it a thousand times over the years, if you look after your powertec gym equipment it will last forever. Don’t take my word for it. Check out Con’s immaculate power rack system.

It looks like Con is using his spotter arm for some grip work, with the PVC pipe attached to the dumbbell. That is new trick that I will have to try! Thanks for the tip mate and sharing the photos.

So you have any tips that you want to share, or just show off your home gym, please send your pictures through!