Daniels Home Gym Sydney

Big thanks goes out to Daniel for sending in a pic of his home gym – one of the best home gyms in Sydney I am sure you will agree.

daniels home gym sydney

This is what Daniel had to say about his home gym…….

“I bought a few bits of gym equipment from you guys at the beginning of last year.

Firstly would like to say that I’m extremely happy with everything and one year on I still use it to train at least 5 times a week and haven’t stepped into a gym since I bought the equipment from you guys. It’s still in perfect condition and it’s really allowed me to take my training to the next level, so I really need to thank you guys for that.”

No thank you Daniel for taking the time to share your gym with us. What I love about Daniels home gym is that he has covered all bases. He can train traditional free weight style with the barbell and quality power rack, or bust out some dumbbell exercises with his Ironmaster heavy duty adjustable dumbbells. His Barbarian Lat Pulldown lets him do all the traditional high and low pulley exercises. These alone are enough to make the perfect home gym. But Daniel hasn’t stopped here….

To add variety and keep it interesting, Daniel can also train all the major muscle groups in leverage or machine format with his Powertec Multi Press and Compact Leg Sled.

If you have got the space, and can afford it, opting for different single station machines does not only create a gym-like training environment – you can just move from machine to machine, like in a gym, but without having to wait for the goose hogging a machine to get off his phone!

The other advantage is that you get a bit more freedom of choice. In this case Daniel has got the Leg Sled, which is a welcome break up to squatting. Leg Pressing or lunging on the sled is the ideal compliment to some power squats in your cage.

What else sets the gym off is the artificial turf. I reckon this looks great and a change to the traditional rubber mats – which I am not a massive fan of in most cases. They are expensive and a pain to keep clean. So definitely add this to your options when weighing up potential floor coverings.

So thanks again Daniel, it is a class set up. If you are in Sydney, or anywhere in Australia, send in a pic of your home gym.