Grahams Garage Home Gym

It never ceases to amaze me what some people have set up in their garages. You push up the old roller door and get blown away. Graham’s garage home gym is certainly an example of this. Take the time to have a look at some of the gear he has got, and take into account I had to chop some out to give you a panoramic shot!

The Powertec Power Rack System is the engine room for this operation. Graham has two sets of rubber hex dumbbells (one which I couldn’t fit in the shot). Just this alone would be enough to keep your average gym enthusiast occupied for many years. The perfect partner to any quality power rack,  is a leg machine of some sort, and in this instance Graham has opted for the Powertec Leg Press. It is ideal for this situation, as it is a relatively compact leg press.

In the corner you can see the Barbarian Lat Pulldown with 125kg weight stack. You are probably scratching your head why you would double up when you already have the lat pulldown option on the power rack system. The weight stack alone adds convenience, but it also opens the door to super sets. One of my favourites is incline barbell press supersetted with lat pulldowns. Trying to do this on your power rack system alone can be a bit tricky (but doable), so having the two machines is just a simple example of how you can make your workouts a little easier.

For cardio, Graham has got my current favourite the old Concept 2 rower. Plus just out of shot is a spin bike.

Throw in a Super Bench with some attachments for good measure and you have one awesome garage gym. When you think of it, why would you park the car in there – sure the car will age quicker but you will stay in tip top shape for longer. And it is always much easier to replace a car!