Gus’s Power Rack Home Gym

Gus is very proud of his Powertec power rack home gym. My wife took the call at work, and she said Gus was so stoked with his power rack gym he was after some banners and sent a picture in.

gus power rack home gym

Well I can see why Gus is over the moon. He has got two of my favourite pieces of fitness equipment – the worlds best value power rack & a Concept 2 rowing machine. Throw in plenty of bumper plates and the legendary commercial weight lifting bench by Barbarian, and you have got yourself one cool home gym.

You can tell by Gus’s set up, that he doesn’t mind dabbling in a bit of crossfit style training. So the power rack, bench, barbell and bumpers is all you need to perform the basic lifts.

The Concept 2 is the best and worst in the cardio world in my opinion. It is my favourite cardio tool as their is definitely technique involved – if you want to better your times you have to really focus on your stroke technique. So I find a lot more engaging than just trudging away on a treadmill or elliptical machine.

The other reason I like it is because it really gives you a full body workout – with a heavy leg and pulling emphasis. You really have to drive with your legs, so if you haven’t used one before or gone hard, you will be surprised at how quickly your legs turn to jelly on these things.

The reason why it is the worst in the cardio world – the thing is addictive! You constantly want to beat your personal bests, and this always leads to PAIN! It is a real battle mentally tackling this machine. If you want to beat your previous best time, you are going to have go through some serious pain.

So the power rack gym combo + rowing machine is really a lethal combination. You can keep your workouts short and sharp, but always high in intensity. Perfect if you are short on time, or get bored with convoluted workouts.

Plus I have got my wife on the job about organising some banners so people can dress up their home gyms.