James’s Powertec Power Rack Gym

Check out James’s Powertec Power Rack Gym set-up in his shed. A home gym like this looks pretty basic and simple. But as they say, sometimes the simple things in life are often the best!

If you are an old free weight enthusiast like myself, you really appreciate the beauty of this arrangement. While some gym rats would be looking at the lack of machines and dismiss it, my mind races with the endless combinations of workouts and exercises. I mean, just the basic power rack package made up of rack + bench + barbell + weights offers a hardcore free weight training experience.

But having the high and low pulley available will give you so much more variety when you run out there and pick up your dumbbells or EZ Curl Bar. Plus don’t forget you have the chin-up bars and dip handles that can give you a complete upper body workout on their own.

For legs, if you can’t get a decent workout from squats (front & back), leg extensions, lying leg curls and split squats, then you are not trying hard enough. If you don’t believe me, just watch Pumping Iron and see the gear those legends were training with. That is the beauty of this setup. It is simple, but sometimes a gruelling free weight training. BUT IT DELIVERS RESULTS!

So if you are sick of training at the local Globo Gym, you don’t need a heap of space or money to get a solid set-up like James’s.

powertec power rack gym